The world of employment is evolving, with lifetime jobs a thing of the past and employees being more willing to move on to new roles and companies if they feel undervalued or unfulfilled.  Forward-thinking and successful employers understand that their staff are their most valuable asset and therefore commit to their development and wellbeing; this helps not just to ensure the retention of their workforce, which they have invested time and money into engaging, but to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual loyalty.  This way, the staff feel supported in their careers and onward progression, they’re more engaged in the company’s purpose and are less likely to be looking for pastures new…or take excessive absences due to sickness.

As Richard Branson famously said: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.  If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers; it’s that simple.”

Corporate Coaching is about providing individuals, in either a one to one or group setting, with a forum to objectively assess their current position against set targets and with the support and guidance of an independent coach, address any obstacles (real or anticipated) and explore ways of identifying new opportunities thus effectively closing any gaps identified.  As opposed to training, which is designed to pass on skills or knowledge from one person to another, demonstrating how to do something in a set way, coaching is about eliciting the best from people, through identifying and applying their own unique skills, strengths and qualities to achieve goals and objectives in the most effective and efficient way.

I use the coaching process, together with any agreed additional modalities, to facilitate effective and tangible results for both the employee and employer. Working on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, I help to develop confidence, clarity and focus, strengthen interpersonal communication, tackle work/life balance issues and assist with stress management/wellbeing in the workplace.

Whilst primarily addressing company challenges and goals, I understand the importance of understanding each individual involved and therefore take into account factors such as their personality, values and experiences.  These can have a huge impact on, or be affected by, their work life and can heavily influence their motivation, confidence and productivity. Working together, I help your staff to feel energised, inspired and empowered personally so they are much better placed to achieve the company’s aims and objectives, leading to improved morale, wellbeing and overall achievements.



  • Supporting individuals or teams through a change/ restructuring process
  • Developing better leadership/management skills
  • Managing relationships with colleagues/clients
  • Improving delegation skills
  • Identifying core competencies
  • Assessing career path goals
  • Addressing work/life balance
  • Improving motivation and confidence
  • Improving interpersonal communication
  • Developing better presentation or interview skills
  • Managing stress and performance anxiety
  • Identifying training needs/knowledge gaps

Coaching can take place at your company’s premises or be held off-site should you prefer.  Before any coaching commences, issues of confidentiality, method of feedback and expected outcomes of all stakeholders will be agreed and confirmed in writing.

To facilitate both individual and group sessions, DISC Personality and Behavioural Profile Assessments can also be offered, including a comprehensive personal report.  DISC is a highly effective way of understanding an individual and team’s strengths and challenges and provides a solid foundation to effect change and improvement.



I worked in both the private and public sectors for over 20 years, in a number of roles encompassing HR, Training, Change Management, Project & Account Management. Throughout this time, I earned the respect and support of peers, employers and clients alike, with my strong work ethic and the personal commitment and pride I have always taken in my work.  My strengths lie in building rapport and effective relationships with everyone from the CEO to team members, being a strong facilitator and understanding key drivers for people.  I am passionate about empowering others to develop personally and professionally and have a natural instinct for identifying gaps and seeking effective resolutions.