Kate Middleton’s baby is due this month and I’m wondering whether she’s had hypnobirthing to prepare for this wonderful event.

Two years ago, when Kate was expecting her first royal baby, newspapers reported that the Duchess of Cambridge wanted a natural birth and was considering hypnobirthing.  It certainly would’ve been a good idea.  I used self-hypnosis myself when I was pregnant and was able to get through labour without any pain relief.

Hypnosis is brilliant for helping mums-to-be to feel less stressed and to put them in a calmer state of mind.  When you take away the feelings of anxiety and fear associated with childbirth, it can considerably reduce pain, if not eliminate it completely.

And there’s more good news.  With hypnosis, you could reduce the first stage of labour by hours and the second stage from an average of 50 minutes to 37 minutes.

Studies have shown just how harmful stress during pregnancy can be.  Not only can stress increase stress for the unborn baby, it can also increase the risk of complications such as pre-eclampsia and forceps delivery.  Hypnosis can help eliminate stress and leave you feeling calm and in control.

Some women who’ve contacted me about hypnobirthing were concerned about being ‘put under’.  Happily, I was able to put their minds at ease.  During a session, I’ll teach you how to relax using hypnosis – your mind will feel calm but you won’t be under ‘a spell’ and you’ll still be able to react to things around you, should you need to.


Relax using hypnosis


Once you’ve practised how to relax using hypnosis, you can use it as and when you need to. Expectant mums might be stressed from a busy job, bringing up toddlers, commuting or any other number of everyday stresses that can affect how they feel.  Hypnosis is your quiet, calm place where you can go whenever you need some stress-free space.

And, of course, you can use hypnosis during labour.  As I discovered myself, hypnosis is a powerful technique that leaves you feeling calm and totally in control.  I felt confident and empowered – the perfect frame of mind to bring my gorgeous little boy into the world, who has grown from a calm baby into a calm boy; another benefit of remaining a relaxed mum-to-be!