Who are you?

What pops into your mind when you hear that question?  Perhaps: A wife?  A mother?  A business owner, friend, daughter…

But, who are YOU?  Underneath all of those roles and responsibilities.

When was the last time you asked yourself this and took the time to really think about the answer?

And what does it even mean?

When asked this question, most people will automatically think about it in terms of either their job title or the roles they perform.  Things such as:

“I’m a Graphic Designer/ an Executive Assistant for…./ a stay-at-home Mum”.

Or “I care for my parents/ I’m a tri-athlete/ I’m wondering what to do now the kids have grown…”

And how do you feel when you reply?  Are you excited by your answer?  Does it light you up and you can’t wait to explain it in more detail?

Or rather, do you feel trapped?  Like you’re living on autopilot in a hamster wheel…or perhaps even filled with dread?

Do you find your inner voice asking you “Where has that freedom-loving, adventure-seeking, fun girl gone?”

Have you lost sight of the essence of you?  The person you were before work/family/household commitments piled on top of you, all but hiding your sparkle.

Tired woman asleep over laptop


You probably get glimpses of her every now and again. When you’re on holiday, or out with the girls. On that ‘once in a blue moon’ date night with hubby. Glimpses that are enough to remind you she’s still there. And maybe even enough to have sustained you for a number of years…until now. Now, those glimpses, rather than keeping the excitement alive, feel more like taunts. They poke you, right where it hurts. Seeming to cry out “Look who you used to be! Remember her? See how much fun and alive you used to be!”



Woman peeking through hands


Sometimes you feel like running away from it all. You crave time for just you. To break free from all those responsibilities, from everyone! …then you instantly feel guilty for even considering it!

You have a great life in many ways, right? A good job, a supportive partner, a gorgeous family, a great circle of friends…so why do you wish you had more?

But it’s not more of any of those things. It’s about BEING something more, DOING something more. It’s an intangible ‘something’ that you can’t quite put your finger on. A whisper on the breeze that you can’t quite catch. But you know it’s there and it’s just dying to break free! A desire and a feeling deep down that there’s got to be more to life than THIS.

‘This’ being the ‘successful’ career, with an endless commute, meeting after meeting, a cereal bar for lunch. Full laundry baskets, social engagements, running kids to football/ballet/music lessons. Planning next year’s all-inclusive holiday in the sun before you’ve even been on this year’s – just in case they all run out, or they quadruple in price!!

And whilst you feel completely grateful that you’re in a position to even have those ‘1st world problems’, you feel empty inside.

You feel stuck on the treadmill of life, not to mention the one at the gym you bust a gut on each week to keep the muffin-top at bay! How come you only need to sniff a bar of chocolate and those inches just pile on, since hitting your 40s?

There’s got to be another way, right?

Well, I’m here to share that there absolutely is!

After hitting my own burn out from juggling 60+ hr weeks in a senior management role with being a single parent and losing some close family members, I used a combination of tools and techniques to bring my life back into balance – and started a new business along the way!

I now have helped 100’s of women to do the same – escape the hustle and grind of modern life and create a life and business or career they love. One that fulfills their inner yearning and provides the income they need to support their lifestyle.


“The Truth will Set you Free!”


Freedom woman with arm out car window


I work at a deep, intuitive and transformative level, helping women like you to reconnect with your truth. That inner knowing of who you really are beneath all those roles, the you that’s been ignored or suppressed over the years.

I’ll help you to break free from the shackles of those duties you’ve assumed, the limits you’ve placed on yourself, from your beliefs, the ‘shoulds’ of society to fit in with the masses.

And instead, I’ll help you to align yourself to the true you; to rediscover your passions, your burning desires and design your own definition of ‘success’!  Whether that’s to travel, to create your own sense of freedom, or to jump from the corporate career ladder into running your own business.

Because, when you operate from an authentic place, doing things that are in alignment with your core values, your strengths and your joys, it doesn’t feel like an effort – it feels right.  From your job or business to relationships and health, everything flows with more ease.



If you’re ready to connect with your inner knowing and set the true you free, get in touch now.

Book a free Clarity Call and get ready to discover what, or who, you might be! There are options to work with me privately, one a one to one basis, or I’m also opening up a limited number of spaces on my online group coaching programme “Rise and Shine Brilliantly” which next launches January 2020.