As I was sitting on my decking just the other day, designing some new workshops and e-course material I’ll soon be releasing, whilst enjoying feeling the warmth of the sun that’s finally embraced the UK, my attention was caught by a neighbour’s cat that had leapt into my garden.  She’s ginger and white and not long out of her kitten-hood and was obviously honing her hunting skills; slinking long and low through the grass towards me, that at first I thought she was after the fruit salad next to my laptop!  However, as I watched her, I could tell that she was focussed intently on the shrub directly in front of me in the flowerbed.  Silently, she stalked towards it, her focus unwavering, although I couldn’t see from my angle exactly what she’d homed in on.  What I could tell was that nothing was going to distract her from her prey; not me now watching her, not the occasional bang from the builders a few doors down, nor the breeze blowing in the surrounding plants and bushes.

She got so close to the plant of her intent that her nose was gently pushed into the outer leaves, without even a whisper of breath causing any movement.  But, just as she looked set to pounce, the object of her desire, a beautiful yellow butterfly, fluttered out of the back of the plant and away over her head, almost as if mocking her: “Haha, you didn’t catch me this time!”.


Going after opportunities


Not only was I so impressed with her unfaltering focus, not allowing anything else to take her attention away from her goal or knocking her off her track, but what also struck me was how within seconds of losing the object of her desire, she was straight onto the next opportunity to obtain it!  Another butterfly fluttered by and landed just inches behind her.  Again, she employed the same tactics, zeroing in on the butterfly, stalking lean and low, slowly but steadily through the grass…and this time, Whoosh!  She’d pounced on top of it and had it securely between her front paws, padding it playfully at first, as if to check “Did I get it?!  Is it mine to eat?!” before happily devouring her reward; yep, I swear I could see a victorious smile on her face!

Now, as much as I felt sorry for the butterfly at being captured and fluttering it’s beautiful wings no more, I had to congratulate the cat on its tenacity to know what she wanted, to go for it and even when at first she didn’t succeed, to just stick to what she knows best and try again!

As an Intuitive Success Coach, I see lots of clients for a variety of reasons, but mainly because they haven’t yet quite attained what they have set out to and are getting frustrated, upset or even angry at themselves for not being where they think they ought to be.  Whilst every person and every situation is unique, there is generally a common factor present across all these cases: FOCUS!


What’s your current focus?


You may have heard of the Law of Attraction already, but do you practise its principles?  One of the key messages is this:  “What you focus on, you bring into your life” and all too often we can get caught up in thinking about what’s going wrong, what we’re not getting or don’t have.  This means that our focus in on ‘lack’, rather than what we actually want to achieve.

One of the key attributes that sets successful people above the “also ran’s” is their ability to focus intently on their burning desires, until they achieve them.  They identify what they want, they think about how they’re going to achieve it and then they set about the actions required whilst keeping their goal keenly in their line of sight.

Sounds great, hey!  But maybe easier said than done?  If you’re feeling in need of some assistance in setting and maintaining that focus on your desired goals, get in touch for a FREE consultation.  I have a huge box of tools and techniques (plus a healthy dose of keen intuition) to help set you on the right track and I’d love to help you make failure or mediocrity a thing of the past!