You may already have already seen in the news today about the young lady whose baby decided it wasn’t going to hang around any longer and she ended up giving birth in the middle of the street in Birmingham City Centre?  (Click here for link to more details… Lady Gives Birth in Street)

Doesn’t this just go to show that as much as we can use medical information and instruments to estimate when our baby may be due, that really is all it is…an estimation!  Various factors are at play with the scheduled arrival of a baby, from the date of conception (did you know that sperm can live inside a woman for 5 days!) and without ultrasound we cannot know for sure the date of ovulation.

For many women, this unexpected, and no doubt unplanned!, arrival could be quite a daunting and even frightening experience and when we’re put at fear or undue stress, this can have a negative impact upon our body, causing it to tense and stress hormones flood the system preparing ourselves to fight or fly!

By preparing our minds and bodies for the event of birth and by controlling our emotions, as well as the responses in our bodies to those emotions, we can help make the birthing process a much calmer and relaxing one, where we allow our bodies to do what they do naturally….no matter what chaos may be going on around us, such as cars and lorries driving past, shoppers clapping and cheering us on!

Hypnobirthing provides mothers to be with the confidence and calmness to take control of their birthing experience so that they can have one that they desire and deserve.