It’s the start of the 3rd week in January and research shows that this is the point at which most people who have made a New Year’s resolution start to wane and even give up.  Why?  Well, there can be many factors, not to mention post-Christmas blues, short days/ lack of sunshine… but one of the most common reasons is purely overwhelm! What decision do you need to make right now to improve tomorrow?

Many people make the mistake of setting themselves goals that are just too big to tackle in one go.  It may be “I’m too fat, I’ve got to lose it!”, or “I need to clear my debts”, or perhaps “I hate my job, this year I’m going to leave it”.

By setting ourselves such mammoth goals, without defining how/when/why, it can just seem like too much of an obstacle to tackle and so, after a few weeks of throwing our best intentions at it, we simply admit defeat and go back to the easier, comfortable old way of being….and so continues the cycle.

Instead, try this tip to get you started on your path to success…

• First, think about what it is you really want from your year/month/career/health etc.

• Now, what decision do you need to make today to improve tomorrow?

e.g. what can you do today that’s going to get you 1 step closer to that end goal?

Repeat these 2 steps every day and just imagine where you could be in a week’s time…. a month’s time…. on New Year’s Eve 2013???

Good luck to you all on making 2013 your most successful year in achieving your goals!

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