Well, yesterday was my first weekend day in quite a few weeks when I wasn’t trekking around the country visiting family/friends or throwing myself out of airplanes in aid or charity, so I was looking forward to getting some much needed jobs done around the house and garden.  I made a good start, ploughing my way through the housework, the fortnightly food shop and some work and thought I would treat myself to some time at the gym and spa.

Unfortunately, ex-hurricane Bertha had other plans and within seconds of opening my window a couple of inches had blown my metre-square mirror off the wall, taking everything from my dressing table with it, including perfumes, make-up and jewellery!  After the initial shock and upset at losing so many necklaces and make-up compacts being smashed into the (no longer very cream!) carpet, I got stuck in to the mass clear-up operation.

So, you’d be forgiven for presuming that I may have been annoyed, upset, frustrated etc, especially when I’d only just hoovered the house from top to bottom?!  Well, yes I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel any of those emotions for a few seconds…but then I found myself looking upwards and laughing.  Why?  you may ask. Well, on my ‘to do on a rainy day with nothing else to do’ list has been to sort out my dressing table and all my old jewellery/make-up that I haven’t worn for a while and given that I also want to decorate my bedroom, I knew that this would need doing before I could start that job!  However, as can often be the way, other things come onto your radar and take priority over your time and before you realise it, weeks have passed and you’re still no nearer to completing the task.


Taking action


I therefore took it as an amusing sign from the universe that if I wasn’t going to crack on of my own accord, it would make sure I did by whatever means necessary!  So, accepting this task, I pulled up my sleeves and really got stuck in, giving the whole area a good deep clean and chucking out not just what was broken but putting into a charity bag those things that I hadn’t used/worn for the past year. Whilst I had really been looking forward to some ‘me’ time at the gym, I must admit that it felt great surveying the newly de-cluttered dressing table (albeit without the mirror), seeing it shine for the first time in a while and having that sense of achievement of something completed and ticked off my to-do list!  I now also feel more inspired to tackle the next thing on my list…and definitely want to start it before the universe takes action into its own hands for me!

So, what’s on your to-do list?  How would it feel to get just one thing ticked off from it, knowing that taking that first step can lead to such great feelings of accomplishment?  Stop the procrastination and choose something small and achievable to get the wheels rolling and you may just surprise yourself with how easy it is to keep going!