Unveiling the Truth is an Energy Healing Programme like no other!

Using Leading Edge Insight and Energetics delivered through my Non-Physical Team and in collaboration with your own Higher Self, I will guide you through this powerful, highly effective and long-lasting treatment to bring you the relief and freedom you’ve been wanting for so long.

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“When we can remove the layers of Conscious and Unconscious Perspectives, to uncover our Truth – who we really are deep inside and what we’ve come here to Be and Do – we release ourselves to live a life of freedom.


Freedom from pain.  Freedom from limiting beliefs.

Freedom from pleasing others and ignoring our own Desires.” – Katie & Chantal (my Higher Self)

You may have been suffering from chronic/ auto-immune conditions, such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, IBS or burnout.  Worn down by extreme exhaustion, aching limbs, painful joints.  Dealing with recurrent sore throats, swollen glands or flu-like symptoms that seem to appear from nowhere.

Maybe, like me, you’ve struggled with hormonal imbalances, PCOS or PMS for years and despite ‘normal’ blood tests, know that these challenging conditions and symptoms just aren’t ‘normal’ and you can’t continue with them anymore.

Perhaps you’ve been dealing with chronic pain flare-ups in the back, neck, hips or knees and don’t want to be on pain-relief medication for the rest of your life?

Or you may be feeling stuck where you are right now.  Frustrated that you can’t seem to move on, from a soul-destroying job, repeating bad relationships or debts that are suffocating you.

It’s likely you’ll have tried to ‘fix’ these problems, whether through medical routes, complementary therapies or job-hopping.  And yet nothing seems to work.

If this sounds like you, then you may have Perspective Blocks that are keeping you replaying the same patterns in your life, over and over again – without you even realising it!

Perspective Blocks (or ‘veiling’) are our mind’s way of protecting us from events which have caused us emotional trauma, by ‘hiding’ or ‘locking’ the memories away from us.

Unfortunately however, this doesn’t stop the trauma from continuing to impact us in our day to day lives.

My Unveiling the Truth session with Katie was amazing.  She has a very unique way of making you feel really safe and held when working with her. I highly recommend having an Unveiling the Truth session with Katie.

Terri Heighington

What’s Included in the Unveiling the Truth programme?

1:1 private session via Zoom 90mins, including:

  • Connection to your Higher Self
  • Understanding of the Perspective Messaging (hidden or locked memories) causing & re-triggering the issues you’re experiencing
  • Insight into the impacts these have had on you physically/ mentally/emotionally/energetically
  • Powerful & lasting energy healing 

1 week of follow-up support, ‘office hours’ Mon-Fri, including ‘check-ins’ with our Non-Physical Teams as required.

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Investment:  £250 inc VAT

What is Trauma?

When we experience trauma in our lives, it can generate low vibrational energy, which has a negative impact on us, mentally, physically, emotionally or energetically.  Trauma can be a situation as major as a car crash or as simple as being made to feel stupid during class as a child. 

The event, or experience, itself is irrelevant.

What’s important is how we react to it. 


For example, we may feel hurt, angry or sad, to name just a few low vibrational emotions.  If we recognise the emotion in the moment and deal with it, we can release the low vibrational energy and move on.  However, if we don’t deal with it, the low vibration can get stored in our bodies and cause various problems.  If left untreated, this low vibration can continue to grow, symptoms worsen and also spread to other areas or systems of the mind and body.

Most of us are too busy to notice

The trouble is, all-too-often we don’t recognise the impact.  Most of us in the western world are living hectic, noisy lives.  We’re working longer hours than ever, juggling childcare, flogging ourselves at the gym and eating on the run with an almost constant background noise of phones, music, traffic, people…and by the time we flop into bed at the end of the day, there’s hardly time to think about how we feel before we fall asleep (if we’re lucky!  Otherwise we have our concerns from the day fighting with the worries for tomorrow, whirling around our minds, competing for attention) and before we know it, the alarm’s shouting at us to get up and back onto the hamster wheel again!

Experience the magic of flow and vitality running through you as your Life Force is reignited.

Experience the flow of your Nature, radiating to all that’s meant for you & bringing forth the clarity you desire, to live your fullest, most creative life.

I contacted Katie wanting some help with my work.  I am an Anxiety coach but felt that I needed to niche down further.  Katie suggested that I have an Unveiling of the Truth session to help me understand what unconscious perspectives might be hindering me moving forwards.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have to say the session surprised and delighted me.  Katie guided me into the session and my connection to my Higher Self.  She showed me that I had low vibrations (stuck emotions) from past events stuck in my digestive system.  These emotions were generated by past events where I had felt unsupported and judged.  It was these emotions that were preventing me moving forward in my business.   I had physical pain in other areas and Katie guided me to repeating some Truths (they are like affirmations) to help shift out more emotions that had got stuck in my body.  The best thing to come out of this session is that because I have released these old stuck emotions, is that I am no longer craving sugar.  Prior to this session, I had an insatiable desire for sweet food.  But now, almost a month on, I hardly eat sweets and chocolate.  If I do, it’s because I really want to eat it rather than because of a craving. For me, this feels almost miraculous!

If you are stuck repeating the same cycle of behaviours and feel that you are not moving forwards, I would recommend that you have an Unveiling of the Truth Session with Katie.  It would be the best present you could give yourself. 

Sunayana, London


Katie has a very powerful tool with the Unveiling of the Truth. She was able to help me release stored low vibration that I didn’t even know I had. She was also able to locate where it was stored in my body.  

She knew what Truths would help me and she guided me through the process very gently.

I would strongly recommend that you get a session with her, not only because it will shift you out of old mechanics and help you let go of sneaky old persistent perspectives that are limiting you, but also because it is healing.

Katie can actually pinpoint on your body where the low vibration is stored, and it could very well give you the answer to a nagging physical issue that is not going away.  On top of that the healing continues long after the session as my Higher Self can harness that same energy from Katie’s Higher Self for as long as it is needed, which means that you get perpetual healing!! Which is so incredible!

I highly recommend booking a session with Katie.

Jenny Gordon, Republic of Ireland


Book a free, initial consultation with me and we’ll explore how we can help heal and free you from past trauma that’s still impacting you now and holding you back.