Targeted Transformational Energy Healing – AKA “The Tornado”

A powerful, yet gentle, remote energy treatment providing healing for the mind, body, emotions and soul.

  • Are you feeling low in energy?

  • Are you experiencing physical pain in the body?

  • Do you suffer with symptoms of chronic conditions, including auto-immune disease, sleep problems, hormonal issues, PMS/PCOS?

  • Do you find yourself dealing with ongoing negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety, fear, loss of happiness or depression?

Imagine instead feeling:


  • Full of energy and revitalised!

  • Free of pain. Being able to sleep like a baby.

  • Feeling more optimistic, hope for the future, calm and able to cope with the everyday stresses?

This leading edge Energy Healing treatment is highly effective at helping you to release energetic impacts and blocks causing symptoms that manifest physically, physiologically, emotionally or mentally. I work with my Higher Self & Non-Physical Team, and in collaboration with your Higher Self, to bring you energetic healing that can soothe and calm an overwhelmed system, restoring a higher vibration of energy to your mind and body whilst providing lasting relief and ease.

Experience the magic of flow and vitality running through you as your Life Force is reignited.

Experience the flow of your Nature, radiating to all that’s meant for you & bringing forth the clarity you desire, to live your fullest, most creative life.

“I had a wonderful remote Tornado healing session with Katie.  She worked through each of the Emotion Vortexes and when it came to the one in my upper chest I felt a curious popping sensation as though something had been released. Immediately after the session I felt relaxed and in the following week or so I felt more level and was able to have challenging conversations without being drawn into any deep tensions, which is usually what happens.”

Helen, Northants

“I had a wonderful remote healing session with Katie. I’d no idea what it would be like. Katie spent time working up through the different energy centres in my body, and when she got to what would be my navel area my entire body came over with a crazy tingling wave like feeling…I can’t explain in but I’ve never felt anything like that before. The same, thing happened around my throat area also. Katie put me at total ease through the entire session and explained everything that was going on. I really do feel as though something has shifted for me in that session, and can’t wait to have some more.”

Louise, Somerset


Book your initial call with me and we’ll explore where you believe you’re stuck and how we could work together to get you to where you’d love to be. I’m super confident that, together, we’ll find the answers you’re looking for.