Thank you Katie – you really have been the catalyst for the next chapter in my life!

I’d had my business for 4 years at the point that I started working with Katie. As I talked about where I was with it during our first few sessions, I quickly realised that there were things that formed part of my service offering that I wasn’t enjoying anymore. Equally, there were things that I loved doing that I wasn’t highlighting enough. Having reached this dawning realisation, Katie and I set about working through what my personal values were, what I’d like to get from my work moving forward, how my work and my life could best run seamlessly alongside each other and ultimately what my refined service offering would be. Having Katie guide me through all of this was invaluable. I quickly achieved far more than I would have done trying to navigate things alone. She offered her opinion and guided me where appropriate and held me accountable for taking things forward with morphing my business. Thanks to Katie’s support, guidance and drawing out from me what I didn’t even know was there myself, I now have a new business name, a new logo and a nearly completed website. The future looks exciting! 

Laura Lewis, Head Human, Chameleon HR Ltd –

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“Katie has a very intuitive approach.  She had a good understanding of my business and team within a couple of sessions.

I have used her for personal business coaching and also team coaching.  She asked probing questions when needed and managed to facilitate really useful team sessions which have brought noticable positive shifts to the business. Whilst I initially engaged her pre lockdown she was agile enough to adapt to my changing needs during lockdown including managing a 100% remote working team and recruitment.  I have no hesitation in recommending her as an excellent facilitator and a genuine catalyst for change and improvement.”

Christina Makhoul, M2 Chartered Accountants –

Nichola Shuttle GB Triathlete

“I am a GB age group sprint triathlete who has been suffering from various injuries over the last 18 months.  

I wanted to experiment with a more holistic approach to see if it could have any positive effect, not just on my physical health but also mental well-being.  

After just 1 session of Energy Healing with Katie, I was able to endure my toughest 2 weeks of training so far this year without my knee injury flaring up!

 The experience is one of deep relaxation, the deepest I have ever come across, it feels like I am melting into a state of unconsciousness, yet I am still aware of the healing and the power it is having on my physical and mental state.

Her wisdom, gentleness and calm has a really positive effect on me and I feel very lucky to have found her magical powers. Katie is attentive and supportive, I would recommend her whole heartedly. ..[read more here]

Nichola Shuttle, GB Age-Group Sprint Triathlete

“If I had known when starting the coaching with Katie just where I’d be now, less than 1 year on, I’d have paid 3 times the cost!

I lacked clarity and confidence in where to take my business next but the course allowed me to push past all of the unimportant things, which were clouding my vision and instead concentrate on moving in the right direction. During the course, I realised a couple of huge dreams of mine. This allowed me to feel in control of my business for the first time in too long and cut down my overheads massively due to the changes made. Learning to allow myself to be still and quiet, even during huge pressure and difficult decisions was highly useful. I wasn’t always sure what I needed from the telephone 1-2-1’s as I just wasn’t sure what I needed at the time, however as soon as Katie started asking her focussed questions I found plenty of reasons to use the full time of these phone calls and took so much from each of them. The shift in mental attitude was not just felt by me, but noticed by my friends and clients.”

Esmé Robinson, Bedfordshire –

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“I had 2 healing sessions with Katie and am very happy to say I’ve seen improvement in everything she worked on.

Most notably my energy levels, which I see now had been chronically low for around 6yrs, exacerbated by and in addition to virtually every peri-/menopause symptom and a lot of digestive problems caused by stress and trauma.

I highly recommend Katie based on these incredible results. This is the future of healing and good health on the planet!”

Jinny Nash, West Sussex

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“I began the coaching sessions as I was at a crossroads in my professional life and I wasn’t sure which path to take. Katie helped me to identify my values and motivations which in turn greatly helped me to better evaluate the opportunities in front of me. This has given me the confidence I needed to take the next step and start a new job. I would recommend Katie to anyone who is lacking direction and/or needing a bit more clarity or confidence to make a career change.”

Helen Handley, Devon

“I have recently completed a series of sessions with Katie to work through some personal and professional challenges that I was facing. I found her to be a great source of knowledge and had the ability to show me how I could break down what i had built up as huge issues/projects by using a step by step action plan in logical steps. She also had the ability to focus on what were ever changing scenarios and give a different perspective on it. Would highly recommend – Thank you:) 5*”

Katie S. – Hertfordshire


I really got to know the bare bones of who I am and what is important to me – which has certainly exceeded my expectations of a business coaching session

I have muddled through the first 13 years of my business on my own, never asking for help from anyone. And although I am still in business I have been treading water financially and have faced increasingly challenging times in my industry. In many ways I have been holding myself back from achieving high levels of success, blaming cheap competition and outside influences when really I was making excuses for my own fear of failure. I reached out to Katie as I finally admitted to myself that I need someone who had my back, who could be my sounding board, would hold me accountable and could also help me understand what really makes me tick, what makes me happy and how I can apply that to my business to take it to the next level. I wanted to stop feeling overwhelmed and indecisive and to stop procrastinating… so quite a tall order! I have to say that so far Katie has delivered on all those points. After our first intense half day session I felt fired up, very positive and motivated! I also felt that as a result of that session I really honed down and got to know the bare bones of who I am and what is important to me – which has certainly exceeded my expectations of a business coaching session and I know I would not have reached this point without Katie. I look forward to our monthly one hour sessions, and after each session I feel uplifted with a strong sense of purpose and a clear plan of what I need to do that month to help me move forward towards my goals. I highly recommend Katie if you want to take your business to the next level but are feeling stuck and over whelmed!

M Morgan, Hertfordshire

“When I first started working with Katie, the work we did around recognising what my values and beliefs were, was not only insightful but helped me cement what I knew made me tick. Katie has helped me tremendously in recognising that even when things seem awful, ‘its going to be ok’. She helped me with techniques to manage my stress over the small things that were impacting me and my wellbeing.

The monthly goals and actions have helped me see the progress I have made in the last six months, something you sometimes lose sight of when things seem so bad! Katie has an infectiously happy personality that helps you relax and feel comfortable, she is always on hand to support and I am very grateful for being able to just pick up the phone and talk through issues. I have tremendously enjoyed the last six-months, the self reflection and having the time to focus on me – this was all made even better by having someone like Katie guide me through the process.

I am really going to miss working with Katie, and will be looking for ways to engage with her.”

Yogita Popat, Head of Performance, Improvement and Inspection, Children’s Services

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“Katie facilitated our first session, a team away day, in such a way that I was left speechless.

The tools that she used to bring the team together were interesting and thought-provoking, allowing everyone their ‘safe place’ to talk and be listened to. We have now gone into monthly sessions, which again had become a safe, open environment for the team to discuss. These sessions have made them feel that they are being listened to and that they are contributing towards change. Personally, as a manager, the experience has been fascinating and is beginning to change my way of thinking and reflecting. Katie is not the problem solver, but allows you to become one, without you even knowing you are doing it.”

Jo Goldsmith, Children’s Services Manager, Hoddesdon Children’s Centres – Barnardo’s

“The 3 hours I had with Katie were 3 of the best hours of the year!

The preparation she sent through helped me to focus on what I wanted to get out of the session but also helped me to understand my thoughts and ideas a lot better even before we met. The actual session provided me not only with clarity about what I thought was going on in my mind but also resolved a number of areas which I was not aware had been impacting on me so much. I have come away with a fantastic platform for moving my business forward and I feel much happier in general. I cannot recommend Katie enough for anyone who needs support in moving forward with business and life in general.”

Jennie Bayliss, Office Wings Ltd & OW Concierge Ltd – VIP Intensive Session

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“In just 2 sessions, Katie was able to decrease the side effects of the years of overuse of stressors.

As a middle-aged man who worked a full career in the military and now a co-founder and owner of a security business it would be very easy to allow self-ego not to provide a testimonial for something that many may find difficult to understand in terms of what it is that Katie is particularly skilled at.

Quantum physics shows us that there are multiple possibilities in outcomes, I liken Katie to be like a mobile phone being able to connect with another. By being able to dial in and observe your energy connections enables a soul searching and connecting experience, which provides advantageous outcomes for those willing to accept aspects which cannot be seen but can be felt.

I have had stomach sensitivity and heart palpitations, probably due to high stress levels, cortisol and adrenalin brought about by life and self-induced pressures. Having worked with Katie in just 2 sessions she was able to decrease the side affects of the years of overuse of the stressors and I would highly recommend anyone to utilise their curious side to work with Katie for some really excellent results. I would also be happy to take a call if anyone wanted to understand further my results.”

John Phillips, N Ireland

“I found your talk inspiring and thought-provoking, and that doesn’t happen very often! Thanks, Katie.”

Bruce McKinnon, Award Winning Author and Brand Strategist, London –

Thank you

“The patterning work I did with Katie was a real eye opener for me! Katie is such a lovely person to work with and I never felt afraid to open up with her or to share the darker side of me. She gently and easily helped me to go through the stories I tell myself and turn all those seemingly unrelated stories and habits into my pattern. Then she helped me to see and understand how all of this stops me taking action or creating the change I desire in my life.

Now I have this powerful tool in my hands to stop and ask myself at any time when I feel I’m stuck: “Am I stuck because I am running my pattern again?” and if the answer is yes, then I can choose a different response, therefore a different and better outcome. This is truly life altering! I’m so happy and grateful that I came across of Katie and her powerful work! Thank you so much!”

Sirli Sillasoo