Hurray, it’s holiday season!  A time when we can all look forward to a summer break.  Whether you’ll be chilling out in your garden at home, exploring some far-flung cities or sitting with your toes dipped in the pool by a Mediterranean villa; enjoying a bit of work-free relaxation can be wonderfully restorative.

It can also be a time when you reflect on how your life is going and what changes you’d like to make.  One of my friends always packs a pile of self-help books for her holiday reading – she likes to gaze out to sea while contemplating where she’d like life to take her next.

Not that she comes home with any firm decisions.  As she’s found, it can be easy to come to the conclusion that your life isn’t quite how you want it to be and to start thinking about new possibilities – but trickier to know exactly what you do want!  I find this with a lot of women who come to see me.  They know they’re not completely happy or fulfilled and are desperate to make a change but they’re unclear about what’s making them feel this way. Somehow, they just can’t pinpoint the problem.

That’s where I come in.  I coach women to help them not just take stock of their lives but, most importantly, to find the clarity they need to make the changes that are right for them.  I work with them to help them unravel what’s going on in their heads and find a course of action to move them in a new direction.  It’s about finding that ‘lightbulb moment’.  And once someone discovers where they want to be, I love guiding them on their journey.  I can help in lots of ways –improving confidence, boosting motivation, working together to overcome challenges or deal with set-backs. I’ll be as determined as you to make your life a success and one that you love living!


Get your Holiday to Work for You!


So this year, don’t let post-holiday blues set in when you return from your break!  Instead, use your time out productively, to get clarity on what lights you up and where you’d like to make some improvements.

Here are some tips to make your holiday work for you:

1) Take a notepad with you on holiday and write down any ideas that come to mind. When we’re relaxed rather than focusing on the next job that needs doing, or worrying about things, our subconscious minds can be free to explore and present new ideas, so grab them when they come!  Or, if keeping a notepad to hand is too inconvenient, using a simple voice-recording app on your phone is a great and quick way of capturing ideas in the moment!

2) With each idea you write down, think about the benefits this could have if you were to implement it.  They might be benefits enjoyed by you directly, or things that your clients or family members will benefit from.  By focusing on perceived outcomes and what we stand to gain from them, we are more likely to take the necessary action to achieve them.

3) Write down what steps you would need to take to make these ideas happen.

4) Take the action!

If you go through these tips but find that you’re still getting stuck at any of the steps, then get in touch for a free 30-minute Discovery Session, where we can chat about how I could help you to get unstuck and find the clarity to take your life to the next level.

I can’t wait to help get you started on your journey – contact me at