Are you a smoker?  Have you seen the advertisements for the Stoptober campaign by the NHS to get people to quit smoking throughout the month of October?  It’s a great cause, as we all know about the major health risks associated with smoking and the ongoing costs for treating patients suffering from smoking-related illnesses has a massive impact on the NHS.

If you’re already signed up and raring to go, then fantastic and good luck on your mission!  If, however, you’d really love to ditch the habit but don’t think you can do it on willpower alone, perhaps Hypnotherapy is the extra helping hand you need?  Because hypnosis deals with the subconscious, which is the part of the brain where habitual behaviour is stored, bad habits can be broken quickly, effectively, and painlessly!!

Don’t go through cold turkey – break the habit in a one-off session, lasting 2-3 hours with a highly qualified and experienced Cognitive Behavioural HypnotherapistContact us now for your FREE consultation.