It’s National Shed Week – so what better time to celebrate the trend for working from a garden office!

Shedworking – as it’s known – has become increasingly popular over the past 10 years, with entrepreneurs up and down the country setting up SMEs in their back garden. Of the estimated 800,000 people now working from garden sheds and outbuildings, more than 60% are sole traders and roughly a third employ between two and five employees.

Imagine how lovely it would be working in your own back garden. No stressful, time-consuming commute. Peace and quiet (well, apart from the sound of birdsong). No having to cram yourself into an ‘office’ at home – then clearing everything off the kitchen table when the kids want their tea! Think of your shed with a huge window letting in the light – how happy would that make you feel? And if you were working in such a pleasant environment, chances are you’d be a whole lot more productive too.


Boost your business by shedworking

Working in a shed might even boost your business. One woman who set up a graphic design business from her garden shed found it became a real talking point. People remembered her, which really helped when she was trying to attract new clients. In fact, once she’d launched her business, she invited prospective clients to a fabulous shed-warming party. How’s that for making your business stand out!

If you’re thinking of setting up a business, or would like to change the way you work, come and talk to me. I can’t build you a shed – sorry! – but I can help you figure out the next steps you need to take to pursue your goal. I’m all about helping women to harness their passion in business and working with them to drive their ambition forward. If you have a business dream, let me help you make it a reality. Garden office optional!

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