These are very strange times that we are finding ourselves in.  Many people and businesses are trying to navigate what had previously been uncharted waters.

However, whilst not wanting to disregard the serious challenges that many are facing, whether financially, with their health, mental wellbeing or  juggling homeschooling, this can also be an opportunity to take stock of things for yourself, your family and your business/career.

As a Coach and Mentor, I often work with people who find themselves at a crossroads in life.  They feel stuck, unhappy, or unfulfilled with their life or work and yet they’re uncertain as to how to change it.

Some will have an idea of what else they want to do/be/have, but are unsure of how to make it happen.  Some are afraid of disrupting the status quo, feeling guilty for wanting more or something else, when their current life “isn’t too bad, really”.

Others don’t have a clue about what else they want, they just know it’s not what they currently have.

When we want to make changes in our lives, whether it’s losing weight, changing career or moving country, the DESIRE for that change has to be great enough to make us take that leap. Or the PAIN of staying where we are needs to be sufficiently unbearable to compel us to move away from it.

Unless we can identify the criteria that form those desires or pains, we stay exactly where we are.  Until we wake up one day and wish we’d made the jump sooner, while we still had the time/energy/money!

However, what is so common is that it’s often an external factor that generates the momentum for change.  Unfortunately, it may be a traumatic event, such as a redundancy, a serious illness that you’ve recovered from, or the death of a loved one.  Something serious enough that makes us sit up and think “I don’t want to tolerate this any more. I don’t want to risk dying and yet not tried to do x, y or z”.


An Opportunity to Choose What to Catch


So, whilst the events we’re facing currently can seem really daunting, full of uncertainty and fear, we can also see it as an opportunity to choose not only how we deal with the present impacts, but also as one to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What do I REALLY want from my life/career/business going forward?
  • If lots of elements are going to change anyway, what part can I play in shaping those? In creating what the future looks like?
  • With everything up in the air, which parts would I choose to catch and which am I happy to allow to fall, or for someone else to catch?
  • How can I adapt my business to better serve this new world, as well as providing me with a happier environment and better income?

Could this be an opportunity for you to look at things differently and make changes that better suit you, your family, your client needs?

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