From the moment the blonde 68yr old ripped off her clothes, took centre stage and belted out the first bar of a rock anthem, I was reminded of what my passion was.


Don’t worry, this isn’t an X-rated article, but did you see Britain’s Got Talent at the weekend?  I must admit, I don’t tend to watch many of these reality talent shows and especially not during the early stages.  However, as I was recovering from some minor surgery and having a quiet evening, I decided to tune in and see what talents were going to be showcased.  Not long into it, I watched as this retired lady took to the stage in front of the 4 judges, dressed in a dusky pink cardigan, over a floral blouse and a floaty, striped skirt – not exactly looking like she’d been dressed by the hair and wardrobe team – and explained how she believed she could win the competition and perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen.


You could see the doubtful grimaces flicker across the judges’ faces, although give him his due, Simon Cowell did show some respect for her belief in herself.


Later, saying he expected some poetry recital or something of a similar nature, he was as shocked and amazed as the rest of us when she stripped off the fuddy-duddy layers, tossing them into the wings to reveal a black rock t-shirt, black leather skirt and knee-high leather boots!  She pulled the clip out of her hair, tossed her blonde mane over her shoulders and kicked in with ‘Highway to Hell’ in a pitch-perfect, powerful performance!  She rocked out and you could tell she was having the time of her life!  Where on earth did that come from?

Now, within about 2 seconds of her starting, what was my reaction, other than goose bumps up my arms as her voice was so amazing?  Tears!  I was welling up with emotion!  I laughed at myself at first, because let’s just say it’s hardly the first time I’ve cried at things like this!  In fact, I had a sudden flashback to the time I first recall this happening – crying at someone achieving their dream – and it was when I was about 8.  I’d just got home from shopping with my Mum and decided to relax in front of the TV.  I turned it on to see Steve Davis having just won a major snooker tournament and lifting the shiny trophy above his head.  Now, I was far from being a snooker buff and hadn’t seen any of the rounds building up to this final, however in that instant I just knew how much it meant to him; I could feel all the emotions running through him just from the look in his eyes and an intuitive sense within me, and that filled me with such empathetic joy that I cried for, and with, him!


And at that moment on Saturday night, I was reminded of this one thing:

This is why I do what I do and why I love it!


I love helping people realise what they’re capable of, fulfil their potential and live out their dreams!  When someone has that feeling deep inside, that there’s something in there; something unique; something that’s been hidden for far too long; something that they just have to let out, before it’s just too late…

But they often don’t know how to, or worse still; what if they do let it out and no one likes it, or people laugh?  Or perhaps they don’t have what it takes after all?  And all those other critical thoughts that our inner chimp, or devil, throws at us at times like this.  You know the one.  When you think about trying something new, or putting yourself up for that promotion, or finally asking that person you’ve fancied from afar out on a date…and Wham!  The inner critic starts firing off one liners:

“What’s so special about you?

You’re not good enough for that job!  They’ll find out straight away just how useless you are!

Why on earth would he/she be interested in you?!  Just look at them, they’re far more gorgeous/intelligent/sophisticated than you’ll ever be!”

…and so on!


Not only am I passionate about helping others discover their worth and purpose in life, to find those things that light them up and make each day a joy to be lived rather than another challenge to trudge through, but I also come with a toolbox full of tools and techniques for strengthening your belief in yourself, as well as taming that inner voice and turning it from your biggest enemy into your loudest cheerleader!

Perhaps you’re done with the rat race and want to find a way to use your skills and experience working for yourself?

Perhaps you always wanted to be a singer on stage, like the 68yr old lady above, and wonder how you’ve come to be working in the Accounts department, feeling bored and ‘grey’, only ever singing in the shower?

Or maybe you’ve hit that time in your life where you’re thinking “Is this it?!” and want to try something new and exciting – like running a marathon or volunteering in a South American village – before you’re too old or afraid to take the leap!

Whatever the reason, if you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel for far too long and you’d like some help bringing it out into the open, get in touch for a chat to see whether we’d make a great team in getting your talent out into the world!

(And yes, when I see that spark fire up in your eyes and that beaming smile spread across your face when you realise just what you’ve achieved, I may well tear up, because being a part of your success means as much to me as it will to you!)


If you’re interested in learning more about realising your potential to help you take on new challenges, whether at work, in your business or your personal life, pop me an email here or connect with me on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.