Hands with red painted heart on.

But we are all responsible  


“We’re not all like that!”

“Not all men are to blame.”


You’re right.  Absolutely right.

I know plenty of men for whom just the thought of what’s been brought to the forefront of society recently is abhorrent.


And yet it is every man’s responsibility.

Just as it is every woman’s responsibility. 


Every parent’s.  Every manager’s.  Every teacher’s. 

Every sibling, friend, partner, colleague. 


It is every person’s responsibility to call out signs of abuse.


Of bullying. Of threatening or aggressive behaviour. 

It is every person’s responsibility to treat every other person with respect. With care. With kindness.

We are all human beings.  When one of us is hurt or made to feel vulnerable or threatened, we all hurt in some way.  No one person, gender or race is better than another.  We are all created equally and that’s how we should behave. 


Without fear.  With love.


For every thought, emotion and act ultimately falls under one of these 2 umbrellas.

To act with fear causes hurt at some point. For all parties.

To act with love can only be beneficial.  For all parties.


Fear is at the root of anger.

Fear is at the root of bullying and intimidation.

Fear is at the root of wars.


Love is at the root of kindness.

Love is at the root of fairness and treating others with respect.

Love is at the root of freedom.  Freedom for all and freedom from all.


Love must beat fear.


Which kind of world would you rather live in?  One controlled by fear or one that’s underpinned by love? 

I know which one I would rather be in.  And I know which kind of world I want for my son, my nephews and any children they may have in the future.

But it needs to start with us.  EVERY ONE of us.  It needs to start in our families.  Our social circles.  In our schools, communities and sports teams. In our businesses and organisations. In our governments and public bodies.


Yes, we may not all be to blame for what’s happened.  But we all have to take responsibility now to ensure it doesn’t keep happening.