This Sunday the clocks go back and we gain an extra hour.  That’s great news for everyone who wants to treat themselves to a lie-in but still feel like they’ve got plenty of time to make the most of their day.  If only we could have a bit of extra time every day!

It’s a subject that’s close to women’s hearts and one that comes up a lot in my Rise & Shine Programme. The women who sign up for these sessions have identified that they want to make significant professional changes – perhaps to set up in business or take their business to the next level – but are often concerned that they just won’t have the time to make it happen. It’s particularly true for mums, who know they’ll be doing a lot of juggling to maintain a work-life balance – and just the thought of it gets them feeling stressed.

One of the first things I say to these women is ‘Congratulations!’ By signing up to my empowerment course they’ve already committed to beginning their new journey and making things happen. They’ve put value on themselves and what they want to achieve – and that’s a fantastic start!

What happens next is I join you on your journey, investing fully in your aspirations, and help you to keep the faith and motivation. Through my intuitive yet laser-focused approach, I’ll help you to clear any blocks and overcome the barriers that prevent you spending time on your goal.  For some women it might be procrastination, so we’ll look at what it is you’re putting off and how I can help you feel brave enough to deal with it.  Other women might have issues with saying no to people and end up overloading themselves – for that, I have powerful and highly effective cognitive behavioural techniques to help change perspective and banish any feelings of doubt or guilt whilst boosting self-esteem and -value.

Time management isn’t just about getting organised, ignoring distractions and better planning – although dealing with these will obviously help.  It’s also about finding out who you are, what you really want out of life and how you are going to achieve it.  I’ll help you create a vision of your new life and stick with you while you work towards getting it.  Together, our time will be very well spent.


Make Magic – Create an Extra Hour Every Day


Try out my top tips below for identifying where could you create that extra hour for yourself every day; you may just be pleasantly surprised!


1.  Firstly, write down what you would LOVE to do with your extra hour per day.  Get creative!

2.  Next, make a list of all the things you currently do throughout your day, from the minute you wake to the moment you get into bed.

3.  Identify any activities/tasks/downtime that aren’t a priority in your day or which you could delegate to others.  For instance, can the children pick up their own dirty clothes and pop them in the laundry basket?  Can your partner make dinner one evening?  Can you do the ironing whilst watching your favourite TV drama, getting ‘2 for 1’ in terms of time spent?

4.  Count up the time ‘freed up’…now start dedicating that time to doing what you would LOVE instead!


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