It will soon be Valentine’s Day, but if you’re not loved-up in a relationship why not focus on other areas of your life that you love – like your job. Not feeling passionate about your 9-to-5? Maybe now’s the time to think about setting up your own business.


Setting up your own business

According to new research, 1 in 10 people who have a creative hobby like cake-baking or gardening want to turn it into a business. It seems we’re being inspired by TV shows like The Great British Bake-Off and the Big Allotment Challenge – and once we realise what a thrill we get from being creative we can’t wait to turn it into a full-time job. As Employment Minister Esther McVey said recently: ‘The most important ingredient when setting up your own business is a passion for what you’re doing.’


My journey

Of course, starting your own business can be as scary as it is exciting… I know, I’ve been there! But having left the safety and security of a full-time job to pursue my dream of setting up as a Life and Business Coach, I couldn’t be more sure that I made the right decision. Not only am I my own boss and can choose how and when I work to fit around my family life, now I can use my personal experience to help other women who come to me when they too want to take the leap and start their own business, but are uncertain how. I really understand those niggling worries and that annoying voice in your head that sows seeds of doubt or tells you that you can’t do it. You can and I can help you to not only turn those doubts around and believe in yourself but to take action and do it!



As a coach, I not only support clients through the tough times and help them to overcome any obstacles in their way (perceived or otherwise!) but also act like a cheerleader for them, willing them on and celebrating every little achievement they make as they progress on their new business journey. I’ll be with them every step along the way, helping them to set realistic and achievable goals that keep moving them forward until they’re where they need and want to be. And when they arrive? Well, that’s what gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside and confirms that I too made the right decision to take action all those years ago!

You see Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about candlelight and red roses. So why not use today to think about what ignites your passion – then go make it happen!