I’m someone who loves learning.  Years ago, while working in a corporate position, I started studying hypnotherapy, taking annual leave to attend the in-class days.  I’d known for a while that something was missing in my work life and I was determined to find a new focus and create something more in tune with how I felt.  I went on to qualify as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and Personal Development Coach and set up a business I’m truly passionate about.

So I love the idea of the learning something new.  The learning doesn’t have to be academic or educational – it could be a hobby that brings you joy, like taking up ballet or learning to paint.


Opportunity or Fear Knocking?


Learning can be a door that opens up your life to exciting opportunities, but I know that many people feel uncomfortable with the thought of it.  Some people don’t want to move out of their comfort zone and be a ‘learner’.  Others think it will be too hard and that they’re bound to fail, especially if it brings back memories of not so happy school days.  And there are some who don’t believe that learning will make a difference anyway, so they don’t even try.

It’s something that I know resonates with a lot of my clients.  When they come to me they’re often in a state of flux, perhaps ready to leave a permanent job to set up their own business, or have been trading for a year or two but haven’t achieved what they hoped, whatever that might be.  But they’re hesitant about making changes, of doing things differently or trying new things.  They want to move forward but they’re blocked by all sorts of negative and unhelpful emotions that keep them stuck in the same place.

That’s when I begin to gently encourage and support them.  I can help them to look at their current situation, e.g. what is and isn’t working for them right now, and explore lots of different options that they may not have considered before and that might help them to progress.  Learning one simple skill might be all it takes to attract more clients, for example, or perhaps a new hobby would be the perfect de-stresser.  As many solo entrepreneurs realise, it can be quite a lonely place at times and enrolling on a new course can not only provide you with the chance to discover a hidden talent but also give you the opportunity to connect with others and have some fun away from ‘the office’!

I know from my own experience that learning can also be a massive confidence booster (and I’m definitely looking forward to taking some refresher lessons in salsa dancing!).  And with the knowledge and skills you learn, you can take control of your life and make the changes you need to get where you want to be.

If you’d like help and support to make changes, please contact me here or drop me a line to: Katie@TheCatalystForLife.com