Every day I have the opportunity to work with inspiring businesswomen, and every one of them has a unique story to tell. Some are just starting out and others have years of experience. Every month I’ll be putting the spotlight businesswomen to share their story, their tips and insights into the business world so whether you’re a long established business owner or an up and coming enterpreneur you can hear first hand how these women became successful in their industry. Our first businesswoman, meet Claire Sheppard.


Claire is a mum of three and still has time to run a business she adores! She loves chocolate and still keeps an old-fashioned paper diary, we’re sure that’s why she’s so organised! We caught up with the self-motivated virtual assistant to hear how she organizes her day, and find out her tips for women in business.

Business: CS Admin Support

Self-employed since: 2014


Why did you start your own business?

CS: My youngest of three started doing a few more hours at pre-school and since I had previously worked in admin for 20 years, I wanted to take on the challenge of being self-employed but give myself the flexibility it offers to fit it around my family.


You’re very organised, do you ever find that there are times when you struggle to run a business and keep on top of family commitments?

CS: School holidays can be a real juggle! This summer all three of my children were off for six weeks and it was hard to find a balance to separate work time and play time. It meant working in the evenings and very early in the mornings!


What advice would you give a female entrepreneur starting out?

CS: Be confident and have COMPLETE self-belief! Get advice from friends and family first and ‘test’ your business idea on them – do surveys.


What does an average day look like for you?

CS: After school drop off, I work on some creative blog writing and social media management in the morning whilst my brain is most switched on. I often spend some time on my own business after lunch and then it’s back to school for pick-ups. Every day is full and busy!


How do you motivate yourself?

CS: I have to be very self- driven when I’m working from home (and not to keep looking at the pile of ironing). As I see it, the other option for me is that I would be extremely bored and/or tied to working in an office with an awful boss.


Has your business evolved or changed since you started it?

CS: It’s evolving all the time – I am continually learning and networking. I’m focusing more on the creative side now such as writing, which I love.


If you had to start again, what would you do differently?

CS: I would have started networking much earlier on. Word of mouth recommendations go a long way.


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