We caught up with Anke Herrman in this latest in the Inspiring Businesswomen series. Anke is a dog lover and Spanish resident who set up a small sewing business with nothing more than enthusiasm and a love for the craft. Anke moved to Granada, Spain to fulfil a simple life and be in control of her own day, diary and work. We found out about how she made the jump from an IT career in London to a creative business in Spain.

Business: Flamenco Dressmaking

Self-employed since: 2004


Why did you start your own business?

AH: I quit my IT job in 2004 to move to Spain and start my own sewing business. After holidaying in Granada, I fell in love with the place and was looking to find a way to live there without having to get a job working for someone else.


What goals did you set yourself for your business?

AH: I didn’t really! Moving to Spain to make flamenco costumes sounded so crazy that I looked at it as an experiment. It was just “let’s see what happens”!


What challenges did you face?

AH: At the beginning, I dealt with demanding clients, but I set strict boundaries. Now, I have a lack of time, I have to work on the sewing machine to earn my living so I decided to set up an online business too which gives me more flexibility in terms of location.


What advice would you give a female entrepreneur starting out?

AH: Simply, business development equals personal development. I read that people think they have business problems but they actually have personal problems that show up in their business!


What does an average day look like for you?

AH: I get up early (although nobody sets my times), I love spending some time in the morning playing with my dogs. I crack on with some sewing in the morning, after lunch I spend time on social media. My afternoons tend to be taken up with any coaching calls in my groups (my other business) and then I have a very relaxing evening at home with my partner or meeting up with friends. My days are never the same, the next I might be shopping for fabrics! I love that about my job!


How do you motivate yourself?

AH: When things are looking a bit miserable I remind myself that “I perceive the world through my thoughts, and thoughts come and go”. It helps to quiet my mind and come up with creative solutions.


Has your business evolved or changed since you started it?

AH: It’s a constant evolution! The initial idea was to make flamenco inspired street-wear! It turned into flamenco dancers getting their costumes custom-made.


Thanks to Anke Herrman for sharing your story as a business owner and telling us more about Flamenco Dressmaking. If you’re interested in creating a life you want, I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch and connect with me on social: email here or connect on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.