It’s that time of year when every other person you speak to, or friend on Facebook, seems to be on holiday or about to jet off to sunny climes. If, like me, you’ve got a couple of weeks to go until you shut down your laptop or step away from your desk, don’t worry!  There’s plenty of time to start thinking about how your holiday can actually work for you, as well as give you the relaxation and recharge you may be looking forward to from it!

I find a lot of my clients get in touch after they’ve been on holiday, as it’s been a time for them to unwind, step off the hamster wheel of everyday life and take a break from the job that they’ve been feeling undervalued or unfulfilled in.  It also provides the opportunity to focus on the things that are important to them; whether that’s spending quality time with friends/family, exploring new and far-flung places or immersing themselves in their favourite hobbies and activities.


“Is this all there is to my life?”


As lovely as their holiday has been, they often return home feeling deflated and even frustrated, filled with questions about their life or how their business is performing.  Perhaps this has happened to you too?  It’s like a serious case of the holiday blues!  Because not only are you missing those long, lazy days of doing what you want when you want (whether with a margarita cocktail or tennis racquet in hand!) but you also have that sense of ‘something’s missing’.

You find yourself asking “Is this all there is to my life?” as you begrudgingly get back into the all-too-familiar commute, of trains packed with grey, miserable faces stuck in their mobile devices, or bumper to bumper traffic on the motorway.  “Where have all those happy, sun-kissed faces gone? Why do I feel so much apathy about my job?  And yet I was working like a machine before I set my out of office assistant on?”


Top Tips to Start Taking Action!


If you’ve noticed this before and are perhaps dreading having the same anti-climax period on returning after this year’s holiday – especially if you’ve not made any changes since the last time this happened – then the tips I share in my blog here about preventing the holiday blues may be just what you need and can help you to start planning the action you can take, from the comfort of your sun-lounger!

However, perhaps you already know that you’re ready for bigger and better things but need someone else to dive deeper into discovering what that is?  To discover the work that’s going to fulfil you and be truly aligned with your core values?  To enable you to help others in the way you’ve always wanted but have never known how or had the right opportunities?  Then don’t wait any longer!

Take action now and get in touch for a FREE consultation.

Discover how we could work together to empower you to create the life/work/business you desire and live your true potential!

I offer a number of options, from 1.5hr Kick-Starter sessions to annual coaching programmes, face to face and online, so I’m sure we’ll find the right solution for you.

And in the meantime, have a fantastic holiday, recharge and let us know below what new insights it’s helped you to see!