In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Helen Walters of Advanced Tactical Resources Ltd – experts in providing personal safety and security services and training for individuals and businesses in areas such as first aid, travel safety and conflict management.

I felt it was particularly timely and relevant to invite Helen onto the show today because of the recent tragic case of Sarah Everard, a lady who was found murdered after walking home from her friend’s house one evening a couple of weeks ago. The public outcry that has ensued has been around the fact that, not only is the alleged perpetrator a police officer, the very people we should be able to trust to look after us, but also because of the beliefs that women should be able to walk alone, without fear of being attacked or of sexual harassment. And this goes for men and children too, of course. 

What resonates with me about this approach is the empowerment it provides, versus perpetuating the old paradigm of having to live in fear to remain safe.

If you are interested in any of the webinars, training courses or services that ATR provides, please see their details below of ways to get in touch:

Website: https://atr-ltd.co.uk/

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