While you’re reading this, I’ll be sunning myself on a beach in Sydney.  I’m not telling you that to be smug – well, maybe a little – but to prove that entrepreneurs can actually take time out to travel, or whatever it is that floats your boat, so to speak!  I’m in Australia for the best part of a month and have the fortune to be visiting family and friends based out here, do some business with some southern hemisphere contacts and frankly get as much rest and relaxation as I can.

When I started telling people about my plans, the reaction from many was ‘How can you go away? You run your own business.’ (Actually I run three!) I could see the panic on their faces as they imagined the horrors that could happen in my absence.  Like losing all my clients and having no business to come back to.

It’s a concern that often comes up when I’m coaching entrepreneurs, particularly female entrepreneurs.  They’re filled with drive and passion for their business but they also want the lifestyle they dream of and worry how they will achieve or balance the two.  What happens if they have to drop everything when one of the kids is ill? How do they get a holiday without being glued to their email? Will they even be able to take a holiday once they’re successful?


Building a team


The answer is to build up a team that understands your business and that you trust implicitly. Your team might be your business partners or employees or it might be a third party that you outsource your tasks to, such as a Virtual Assistant. That’s what I do. I’ve built up a fabulous team of highly reputable associates who I outsource to when I’m away. It means I can enjoy my time off knowing that someone is dealing with communications, taking bookings and generally keeping my business running smoothly in my absence. They’re all people I’ve met personally and have built up a relationship with, so I have complete confidence in them.

Running your own business can be exciting, exhausting, challenging, inspiring, scary and yes, at times, all-consuming. That’s the reality. But running your own business also means you’re the boss and you get to decide when you want time off. So if you feel like a break – whether it’s a day off or a month in Australia – take it. You’ve earned it!


If you’d like help with creating your own lifestyle business and gaining the ultimate work/life balance, I would love to hear from you!

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