Many of us like relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of a long day, but is it time to cut down and shake up your work life?  After all, there’s no point getting all fired up with a new business idea if your head’s swimming with post-alcohol fuzziness.  What you need is focus and clarity – not an ‘I wish I hadn’t had that last glass of merlot’ headache.

Of course it’s easy to feel fuddled when you’re making changes in your life.  There are so many thoughts, questions and niggling worries going on in your head it can be hard to make sense of it all.  Sometimes you can be left feeling so stressed you might reach for the wine bottle… or tin of biscuits…or that chocolate fudge cake.

I understand how confusing and unnerving making changes can be.  My coaching sessions give you the opportunity to talk through how you’re feeling and to identify any areas that may be concerning you, before we start working together to help you take the action you need to achieve your goals.  This open, trusting environment continues right the way through the process, so that at any time should an obstacle arise, we can work together to clear it out of the way.

And if you want to feel pepped up and primed to go as soon as possible, I also offer VIP intensive coaching sessions.  I like to think of this four-hour session as a fast track to focus and clarity.  It will help blow away the cobwebs, boost your confidence, sort out the whirl of ideas going around in your head and leave you with a kick-ass, can-do attitude ready to attack that action plan!

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