In this week’s episode, I spoke to Suzy Moody, Strategic Manager for charity Homestart Hertfordshire.  I met Suzy a few months ago at a business networking event, during which she spoke about the valuable work their charity provides on a day to day basis, supporting families in their local community, typically with a child age 5 and under, who are undergoing challenging times.  This might be due to financial pressures, mental health issues or a lack of support and education in caring for their family.

As a single parent, running a business and juggling home and families needs (not to mention homeschooling right now!), I’m so grateful to have the support of family around me, especially my parents who help provide childcare so I can work with my clients and yet many people do not have this network and so the support that Homestart can provide is priceless.

A large proportion of their funding comes from donations and events they host, such as the recent pancake race for businesses in St Albans city centre, to quizzes and tandem sky dives.  However, like many charities, Homestart Hertfordshire has been severely impacted by the coronavirus lockdown.  All of their fundraising activities scheduled for this year were cancelled pretty much overnight as soon as the lockdown was announced, meaning an instant hit to the tune of £33,000.  I’m chatting with Suzy today to hear more about the services they provide, as well as the ways in which they’ve adapting the delivery of their services within the new landscape of lockdown and what this means to their staff, the volunteers and the families they support.

As a small token towards their fundraising efforts, I have pledged to donate 20% of all profits from products and services I sell during lockdown to the charity.  If you are interested in finding out more as to how you can help the charity whilst gaining support for yourself, please click here for more details  or email me directly at: Katie@TheCatalystforLife.com

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