My guest expert today is Melina Abbott, a ‘Spiritual Sales Coach’ who wants to transform the way that we market coaching and transformation. I first connected with Melina almost a year ago now, after reading one of her blogs online and being so engrossed in it that I automatically looked up her website and read about 3 more straight away! What I loved was her style of writing – very personal and engaging, more storytelling than telling you what to do – and the passion for her business and clients that shines through. She’s not your average sales and marketing person; Melina is about as far from Delboy, or a second-hand car dealer, as you can get! Instead, she helps you to promote your transformation services in a way that’s authentic and genuine.

In our conversation today, Melina shares her own transformational journey that brought her to where she is today and how she helps others to share their gifts with the world.

Learn more about Melina and follow her journey on Facebook or her website.

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