Imagine living life full of energy and vitality and absolutely loving it!

I know that’s what you want but I also know that sometimes it can feel almost impossible to achieve.

You may be in physical pain right now, perhaps chronic pain that seems to dull every waking moment.

Maybe you’re struggling with hormonal imbalances, an auto-immune condition or chronic fatigue.

Perhaps you just feel stuck.  Like nothing you do is moving you forward.

I hear you and I’ve been there too. I know how debilitating that can feel because you know there’s an easier way to live. To feel good! It just feels so out of reach at times.

5th Dimension Earth Healing helped me to overcome the struggles I faced on a daily basis and now I’m here to help do the same for you!

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Are you Ready to Heal?

Experience the Magic of Flow and Vitality running through you as your Life Force is re-Ignited.

Experience the Flow of your Nature, Radiating to all that’s meant for you & bringing forth

the clarity you Desire, to live your fullest, most creative life.

Katie Farrell

As a 5DE Certified Healer, I bring you powerful energy healing for massive, positive change.

Having expanded and enacted powerful energetic capabilities, plus also leveraging the 5DE Megadome, I’m here to bring the powerful healing and change you so desire. 

Healing at a level rarely experienced on Earth. 

Healing that will connect you to all that you are and all that you are designed to Be.

Healing that removes the layers of hurt, pain, emotional and physical traumas that may have built up over many years.

Healing that brings you back into alignment with your Soul and your Truth.

Healing that helps you feel like a new and improved You!

What Can 5DE Energy Healing Help With?

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5DE Energy Healing provides unique, and at times leading edge insight, into the mind, body and soul, right down to a cellular level.  This enables the healing to identify and treat the root cause, not just symptoms.

Conditions include, but are not restricted to:

  • Hormonal Imbalances, including PCOS, PMS, Hypoglycaemia & Diabetes
  • Auto-Immune syndromes inc Chronic Fatigue/ME, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue and burnout
  • Conditions and injuries affecting the Musculo-skeletal system and Central Nervous systems inc chronic back pain
  • Digestive problems including IBS
  • Mental and emotional health inc stress-related conditions

How does Energy Healing Work?

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy, from people to animals, plants and even inanimate objects.  Energy is always in motion and it is this motion, or vibration, that we see and feel. 

When we’re in a high vibration or frequency, we feel good!  We’re happy, we’re in love, we’re excited and all those other great emotions that ultimately are love-based and bring Health.

How does Trauma Affect Us?

When we experience trauma in our lives, it can generate low vibrational energy, which has a negative impact on us, mentally, physically, emotionally or energetically.  Trauma can be a situation as major as a car crash or as simple as being made to feel stupid during class as a child. 

The event, or experience, itself is irrelevant.

What’s important is how we react to it. 


For example, we may feel hurt, angry or sad, to name just a few low vibrational emotions.  If we recognise the emotion in the moment and deal with it, we can release the low vibrational energy and move on.  However, if we don’t deal with it, the low vibration can get stored in our bodies and cause various problems.  If left untreated, this low vibration can continue to grow, symptoms worsen and also spread to other areas or systems of the mind and body.

Most of us are too busy to notice

The trouble is, all-too-often we don’t recognise the impact.  Most of us in the western world are living hectic, noisy lives.  We’re working longer hours than ever, juggling childcare, flogging ourselves at the gym and eating on the run with an almost constant background noise of phones, music, traffic, people…and by the time we flop into bed at the end of the day, there’s hardly time to think about how we feel before we fall asleep (if we’re lucky!  

“Don’t go to sleep on an argument”

I’m sure we’ve all hard this adage and there’s actually a lot of truth in it! When we’re asleep, the mind and body go through some very important processes at a cellular level, of repair, renewal and growth.  Whatever energy frequency our cells are vibrating at is what gets replicated and so maintaining as high a frequency of transitional vibration as possible is key.

Energy Healing can help to release Transitional Low Vibration & Stored Low Vibration

Bringing you back to Health and Vitality – Living Life and Loving it!


Book a free, initial consultation with me and we’ll explore how we can help heal and free you from past trauma that’s still impacting you now and holding you back.