This time last year, I was so busy I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.  My work as an Empowerment Coach was non-stop, I was flinging myself into all the festive fun (nobody wants to miss out on a party, do they?) and of course getting prepared for Christmas (the tree, the present, the food…).  And what happened?  When I finally stopped for Christmas Day I got ill and spent the rest of my time off feeling completely wiped out!

Well, I’m not making that mistake again.  This year I’ve given myself permission to knock off a week early so I can ease myself into Christmas and not feel over-stressed and exhausted when I get there. Just making this simple decision has made me – and my son, who had to put up with a poorly mummy – very happy.

It can be easy to forget that if you’re running your own business you do actually have control over what you do.  You’re the boss – you’re not going to get sacked!  It just make take a bit of pre-planning!

It’s something I remind my clients about all the time.  Of course it’s brilliant to have energy, drive and determination – all things my fantastic clients have in spades – but it’s important to know when to stop and take some time out.


Get outdoors!


I’m a big fan of getting outdoors.  Whatever the season or the weather, I love getting away from ‘business’ and just enjoying the natural world around me.  And studies have shown that it’s good for us. Going for a walk can strengthen your immune system, lower stress, improve memory and make you feel more focused.  Doesn’t that sound worth taking a break from work for?  For me, it’s also often a time when the mind can relax and let go of all the to-do lists whirring around it and instead, gain clarity for solving problems and inspiration for new ideas or projects!

If you need a little encouragement to step away from your desk, the Festival of Winter Walks is on between 19 December and 3 January.  There are hundreds of free woodland walks, with everything from short trails to full-on hikes.  I’ll certainly be grabbing my coat, scarf and son and getting out there!

Need a little help with your work-life balance in 2016?  I have a number of options for working together, from one to one coaching programmes, to group workshops and even 3 hour intensive sessions, which are great if you’re short on time.  Drop me a line at