For those of us in the UK, it was our annual Mothering Sunday this past weekend, where we celebrate and give thanks to our Mums.  I count myself particularly lucky that I not only have my Mum still around, and whom I also count as one of my best friends, but I also am a Mum myself to a wonderful 9 year old son, and so found myself celebrating for most of the weekend!

On Saturday, I was particularly spoiled when, not only did my son treat me to lunch at a local deli/café, but he even went in to order our second course (yes, it was an extra special treat!) and brought them out to me on a tray all by himself, whilst I sat in the spring sunshine with a glass of rose wine…cue proud Mum moment!


Being grateful


It’s times like these that I feel particularly grateful and proud for taking the leap of faith 7 years ago, when I left the corporate life after 20+ years to start up my own business.  I’d recently become a Mum and found that not only did I want to start working in an area that truly inspired me, in helping others to make the best of themselves, but that my priorities were changing.  I wanted to spend time with my son, watching him grow and take all those big steps in his own life, literally and metaphorically, instead of sitting in the car or on the train on long commutes around the country.  I wanted to share in those times with him as much as possible while also knowing I was setting a good example to him with a strong work ethic and taking pride in doing something that serves my purpose whilst helping others at the same time.


Starting a gratitude journal


So, when I sat down at the end of the day to write in my gratitude journal, as I try to do on a daily basis, I found that the words simply flowed – the pen could hardly keep up with my thoughts of blessings!

I began this practise quite a few years ago when I first came across The Law of Attraction and Reiki.  Everything in our universe is comprised of energy, from us mortals, to the wildlife around us and even inanimate objects.  However, we vibrate at different frequencies according to the thoughts we allow to take up space in our minds, how we’re feeling and the emotions we’re expressing.  For example, the saying “I’m feeling low” relates to the frequency we’re vibrating at; when we’re under the weather or find ourselves in a negative train of thought, our vibration will be at a lower frequency than when we’re healthy and feeling positive.  We then attract to us other people, situation, conditions and so on that are in resonance with that frequency.

One of the best ways of raising the frequency of our vibration is to show gratitude for what we have, in a sense recognising our love for the things around us.  I find this a particularly useful exercise to do at the end of the day, because we can naturally reflect on all the good things that have happened around us throughout the day and also as our minds go through a series of processes overnight to help us make sense of the day, it’s a great way to ensure a restful and happy sleep!

If you’d like to use this Gratitude exercise to help raise your vibration and in turn attract more of what you want in your life, here are some useful tips to get you started:


• Buy yourself a beautiful journal or notepad to dedicate to your Gratitude writing.

• Find time towards the end of the day, or perhaps when you go to bed, where you can sit quietly for 5-10 minutes.

• Take a few deep breaths to relax into the exercise, in through the nose and out through the mouth, ideally making the out breath slightly longer than the in breath to promote relaxation.

• Start to reflect back on your day; think about the things that happened or that you saw, that you’re grateful for.  This can be absolutely anything, from someone giving up their seat for you on the train, to having a 5 minute break to yourself that you weren’t expecting, to noticing a bird singing amongst the hubbub of city life.  If this is a new practice for you, you may find it a bit tricky to start with, but I promise you, the more you continue to do this the more things you’ll notice throughout your day and you may even find that you’re making notes in your diary as you go!


If you’d like to share any of the things you’ve noticed today that you’re grateful for, I’d love to hear from you.  Just add it to the comments below because the more times you recognise things you’re thankful for, the more things there will be – how?  Because that’s the Law of Attraction!