I recently worked with Esme Robinson, photographer and business owner, to coach her through understanding her aspirations for the success of her business. Find out about Esme’s story here and read on to find out how she not only turned her business around through the coaching but also achieved her dream by creating a business and lifestyle that perfectly complements her family life.


When you approached The Catalyst For Life what was your main challenge? 

I felt very frustrated with my business, I was chasing my own tail all of the time and wasn’t able to find the time or energy to progress both personally and professionally.

I was stuck in a rut, no longer achieving financially from my business in the way I wanted to, and this was starting to impact my love of creativity.


How did you hear about the Rise and Shine Group Coaching programme?

I first heard about it at a local networking event and decided to take the plunge. I wasn’t completely sure how it would help but I needed to do something to get out of my rut. My initial reservations on finding time to complete it began to set in, but as I progressed through the course I started to look forward to each session and made time for them.


Had you ever tried other courses? 

I’d tried shorter courses which Katie held and always found her very friendly and personable. I also learned a lot of useful techniques from these, which I had implemented into my life, and wanted more.


Let’s jump ahead to when you completed your sessions with Katie… 

The course benefitted me hugely! It helped to teach me focus and also find the courage to make massive decisions in both life and business. This has helped me feel happier and create a better work life balance. Katie has literally helped me to give myself the push I needed to make some lifelong ambitions come true.


Let’s get personal, what did you really think of Katie? 

Katie is friendly and calm… Of course, I knew this from previously taking her shorter courses where she was patient and never felt that my questions were a bother to her!

She really listens and tries to understand delicate issues; she talks through individually how each can be resolved.

What was your favourite thing about the programme and the whole experience? 

I loved that you don’t get handed the answers on a plate and then get left to sort it all out yourself! Instead, Katie works with you to find out what you really want and focusses your energy on creating a personalised plan to help you achieve it.


Finally, how would you summarise the course, how you felt about it and your next steps?

It has given me so much confidence to stand by my own convictions. Both my personal life and business have changed hugely since starting the course. I was amazed by things I learnt, which at the time felt simple and almost “common sense” and the profound impact they have had on me and my outlook on life.

I no longer waste energy on things that I don’t really want to do and I find myself less worried about the larger business decisions. Instead, now I focus on what I want and create a plan of how to achieve it and then, pretty much go for it each time.

In literal terms, some of the things that I learnt and took from the course have helped me to make more money, move to a dream property in the country and create a better work life balance by achieving another dream of a professional home studio and working space. I have learnt to have the courage to say no to work which doesn’t suit me and my style and all this has given me more energy to look after my ideal clients properly, which in turn is making me a better photographer, artist and a much happier person.

Plus, my children, husband and friends have all noticed the change in me over the last year and I have to thank Katie for so much of this.

I am also looking to take on a staff member to manage work that I don’t favour, which will allow me to have a more efficient and customer focused business whilst doing the things I love.

A weight which hung around my neck for years feels like it has been lifted and I would be lying if I said it didn’t all start with this programme.

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Connect with Esme via social media on Twitter and Facebook. Photo Credit in this case study: Esme Robinson