…was September really only one month long?!

Since my son became school age, I’ve tended to think of September as starting once he goes back to school, which this year was on 7th September, because even though I still work through the holidays, this is balanced with plenty of time off with him, thanks largely to being my own boss! Add to this the fact that both my Mum and I have our birthdays during this month, it normally feels like a short, celebration-filled month!

So, what happened this year?! How did September end up feeling like it lasted for at least 2 months with almost every type of event and emotion on the scale experienced?


The Mercury Retrograde


If you’re familiar with universal energy or astrology, you may be aware that we have been experiencing the effects of a Mercury Retrograde that occurred between 17th September and 9th October (and potentially a few days either side). But what does that mean to us Earthlings? In short, Mercury is the ruler of communication, clear thinking, truth and travel and so these areas are likely to feel like they’re going backwards during this time! Add to that the fact that Mercury also governs the star signs of Gemini and Virgo, anyone born under these signs is likely to have felt the effects even more strongly! So, for me, a Virgo with businesses in Coaching and running Networking, Training & Development groups, this could perhaps have been translated as “Strap yourself in, hold on tight and don’t expect anything or anyone to make much sense…this is going to be one heck of a month!!”

When I found myself reflecting on the month with a friend the other day over coffee, the logical part of my brain gave me a metaphorical slap on the forehead and said “that would pretty much explain that then!” Whether you believe in this stuff or not, as you’ve probably guessed from the title, September has been completely crammed full of some major events for me…but whether they were the cause or the effect of the Retrograde, I’ll leave for you to ponder.

I’ve already mentioned the two very important birthdays in September…plus those of some friends too. There was also the marriage of my ‘little’ cousin to her fiancé (she may be a detective in the police and fully capable of taking care of herself and me should it ever be needed, but being nearly 5 years my junior will forever be thought of as my little cousin!); a lovely weekend of family celebrations, not to mention the beautiful bride almost being upstaged by a chicken (that’s a story for another day)!


Saying goodbye


Sadly, we have also had to say goodbye to my gorgeous Nan, who passed away after a fall. However, at 94 years young, she’d had a great innings and thankfully didn’t suffer too much in her passing. I’ve decided I need to be saving far more for my retirement as her father was a healthy 99¾ years of age when he passed away! Both of these amazing people were so inspirational and a great example of how to live our lives; my great-grandad still stood on his head every morning for a minute and performed a weights routine he learned from the Canadian Air Force during the First World War, before getting stuck into the day. My Nan was always happy and optimistic with never a bad word about anyone or anything and would give you her last pound if you needed it… a rare and precious combination of values.

In my networking business, I launched the 3rd of my groups in Bedfordshire, which was an extremely successful event on the day but had devoured weeks of time, energy, effort and money in the planning, research, organising and funding…suffice to say there was a large glass of red wine poured that evening! However, being a fairly organised and level-headed person, who at times has been endearingly termed ‘Wonder Woman’ and such-like due to the way I often seem to be juggling many things at any one time….surely I could have seen that launching a new group within 2 weeks of celebrating the 1st year anniversary of my first group was expecting a lot? Hmmm, that vision seemed to have escaped me this time!

So, what is the moral of this post and this month? Well, keeping with the universal energy theme of the Mercury Retrograde, not to mention as per the advice I would give to a coaching client if they came to me wondering why they felt like they’d been steamrollered by a month like this….this is also a great opportunity to sit back, give yourself a bit of TLC and re-examine the areas of your life that have been put in turmoil, as this is often a sign to us to take stock and make changes for the better. It’s a great time to finish off projects that have been left untended for a while, double-check arrangements to make sure everything has been covered and ultimately, be extra nice to yourself and those around you!

Dare I ask, “What does October have in store…?”