International Women’s Day

Did you know that it’s International Women’s Day on 8th March 2017; an annual event that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women?  Last year, this global event focused on gender parity; helping to raise awareness of the still-too-wide gap between male and female salaries for people undertaking the same jobs.

This year, the global event’s theme is #BeBoldForChange – calling for everyone around the world to take bold action towards forging a better working world for women – and I for one am certainly behind that!

As a Transformation Coach [read more about my work here], I work with my clients to help them to reassess their lives and take the action required to turn their dreams into reality.  A large proportion of my clients are women and I see time and again how they’ve been held back from going for what they really want.  There may be a whole spectrum of reasons for this, from confidence, self-doubt, limiting beliefs to a lack of support and finances, but what has been common across all of them is that deep down, they all knew there was something more inside of them.  More they wanted to achieve (although they’ve usually already achieved so much); more that they could give (even though they’re life’s givers, to their families, friends, colleagues, bosses…); more space to be filled by something more rewarding than what they’re doing right now.

And like smouldering embers in a fire, once stoked by a little intuition, a stab of creativity and a handful of planning, these developed into raging infernos of passion!  Fuelled by a newfound belief and courage of going for what they truly deserved…and being bold to create the change they desired in their lives.


Transformation and change


Seeing the transformation in my clients is what fuels me.  Whether it’s helping someone transition from employment to setting up the business they’ve always dreamed of, going for a new career path they felt was out of their reach, or creating a lifestyle they thought only possible for the rich and famous, as one of my favourite quotew by Napoleon Hill goes:

“If your mind can conceive and believe it, you can achieve it”.

In addition to coaching skills, I have a huge selection of tools under my belt, from cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, neuroscience, NLP and more and would love nothing more than to help as many women as possible to stand up for their rights, their beliefs and their desires and #BeBoldForChange!


International Men’s Day


And if you’re a man reading this and thinking “That’s all well and good, but when do we get to celebrate?” well, International Men’s Day  is celebrated on 19th November.  Think Movember and you’ve possibly already helped celebrate it without even realising!  And how about this for an idea: if you’ve got a sister, partner, daughter, female colleague who you believe deserves to be recognised for her talents and paid her worth, rather than be passed over for promotions or kept on a lower wage than her male colleagues, why not join us in raising the bar and do something to help celebrate her amazingness?

As part of my commitment to action, I’m giving away a FREE #BeBoldForChange pack to anyone who’s ready to commit to being brave to make change for themselves and their futures.  Inside your free gift you’ll find all this:


• A worksheet to help you to:

   • Discover what’s been holding you back from living your full potential

   • Re-Awaken your desires to understand what you really want

• A guided visualisation audio file to ignite your confidence to take those next bold steps to achieving what you desire and deserve!


Simply click here to download yours now – and yes, this is for men as well as women, because I believe that everyone deserves to love their lives and the more love that goes around this world the better for everyone in it!  If you know someone who could do with a little love and courage to #BeBoldForChange in their lives, please feel free to share this with them too.

If you’d like to get more involved with the IWD’s #BeBoldForChange event, click here for lots of useful suggestions and resources on how you as an individual, or company, can support this worthy campaign.