As a coach, I have to establish a connection with my clients very quickly.  It’s important we have a rapport so that they feel comfortable working with me and trust me to guide them to where they need to be.  Once we have that connection, we can really make headway with the coaching process to move forward to the desired result, whatever that may be, whether gaining the confidence to go for the promotion they desire, taking the leap of faith into setting up their own business or transforming their lifestyle into the one they’ve dreamed about for so long.

Helping clients to connect successfully in business is also a key part of what I do.  I work with clients on connecting with themselves – understanding their personality traits, core values and drivers – and connecting with others, looking at how they interact with colleagues, employers and customers.  Identifying your communication style – the way you connect and deal with people and tasks – can be incredibly empowering.  It’s a powerful tool that can build your confidence, help improve work and personal relationships and ultimately maximise your potential.  It’s pretty powerful stuff!

I often run workshops with my clients and use interactive approaches to focus on connecting with and using your own intuitive skills to understand who you are and what you want, as well as learning how to create that in your business.


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