Why am I asking? Well it’s Global Entrepreneurship Week from the 16th to 22nd November so it’s a perfect time to start thinking about whether you’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

It’s going to be a massive nationwide event with mentoring clinics, networking opportunities and chances to meet other aspiring entrepreneurs and maybe even potential investors.  This year’s theme is ‘Make It Happen’ so there’ll be lots of encouragement to seize the moment and start making your dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality.


Dreaming big


I’m all for dreaming big – I’ve been doing it all my life and continue to grow my business helping to empower others in all areas of their life.  I coach men and women who want to be their ultimate best – whether that’s working for themselves, running their own business or, yes, setting the world alight as an entrepreneur!


Self-limiting beliefs


Working towards something you really want can take time and commitment, and there are often lots of hurdles to get over and blocks to get round.  One of the issues I often encounter with many of the clients I coach is their self-limiting beliefs – the idea that ‘I can’t do this – I always fail’ or ‘I’ll never be a success’. That’s their inner critic trying to sabotage things! Using a combination of coaching techniques and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I help to reset this negative thinking into more positive thoughts, which can then support my clients as they move towards their goal.

I can help and support in lots of other ways too.  You might feel pulled in lots of different directions as you try to juggle work issues with home and family.  You might be concerned that your new business challenge will be too stressful. You might be as scared of success as you are of failure or you might be employed and dreaming “what if I turned my hobby into a business…?” but not knowing where to start!

I’m here to help you plan your strategy, challenge your beliefs and inspire you to keep on course to achieve your goals. And I offer bucket loads of motivation too, so if you start doubting your ability to succeed I’ll be right there to motivate and empower you.

Feel like you’re ready to aim high and Make it Happen?  I’m ready to help you – just get in touch at katie@thecatalystforlife.com