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How much do you love your life right now?  Does it light you up when you think about it?  Or are there certain aspects that you’re not so enamoured by?

Perhaps you feel stuck, not knowing what to change or how?

Maybe you feel like you’ve lost your identity, underneath the layers of roles and responsibilities you’ve acquired over the years:  Wife.  Mum. Laundry Lady.  Sports Club Taxi.  Business Partner…the list goes on!

So, how do you know who you are?  Do you list off the roles you lead in your life?  How do they make you feel?  Are you proud to Be those people?  Doing those roles?  Do they feel like they’re a good fit for you now?  Perhaps they were when you first took them on but now they feel more like a worn-out shoe; rubbing in some places, holes in others, overly trodden in others?

Life can be funny like this.  We can get so swept up in doing what we do, being who we’ve been for so long because it’s become so automatic and yet hardly ever stopping to reflect on whether we’re still happy about how we spend our days.  How we approach them and where we’re headed if we stay on this path we’re currently treading?


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It’s only when we pause and reflect that we can gauge how we truly feel about who we are, deep inside.

How the things that consume our time are affecting our energy.

Do they nourish us, helping us to feel ever more vibrant and alive?  Do they support us on our journey towards being the person who leads the life we desire?

Or do they hamper us?  Do they mean we put off doing what we’d really love to do because that’s for ‘when I’ve finished this chore’ or ‘when I’ve earned enough money I will do X’.  Or perhaps feeling we don’t yet deserve to have a better life because what we already have would mean so much to someone else, according to societal ‘norms’?

Yet when we keep denying ourselves what truly lights us up, the joy of being and doing what deep down in our soul we know we truly want to be and do, not only are we only living a fraction of the life we should be living, we’re also denying others the opportunity of living theirs fully too: 

~ Our children who grow up seeing us living a half life demonstrates that they should also be content not fully living theirs. 

~ Our clients who we’ll never get to work with to help them in their life in some way, because we didn’t shine our lights to guide them to find us. 

~ And our partners who only get the chance to be with a lesser version of us instead of sharing in the full amazingness of who we truly can be and therefore experience an even richer relationship together.


Who are we to deny so many of the love, joy, hope and freedom of us being fully us?

Who are we to deny the world of seeing and feeling our strengths, our Desires, our rich offerings that are simply waiting to be expressed to the world?


What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

If you felt supported to allow one new part of you to shine right now, knowing you couldn’t ‘fail’, knowing that by doing so you would be opening up not just your own life to so much more but the lives of countless others too, in ways that you can’t even imagine right now, what would you do?  Who would you be?


What one thing would you change in your life right now?

And what would it take to make that change?  What would that look like?  How would it Feel?  What impact would it have on you?  How would others feel the impact of that change?  Who would it help and how?


Now, do you feel that?  Can you feel the shift in your energy, in your vibration as you start to imagine those changes starting to manifest?  Picturing what your life would look like?  How it would feel to be living that way?

Doesn’t it feel good?!  Doesn’t that energy just light you up!  Can you feel that smile on your face, radiating outwards and flowing all through your body?

Silhouette of person cartwheeling by a lake at sunrise

This is life!  This is what truly living life feels like! 


Why would you deny yourself this for a moment longer?

Imagine feeling like this every minute of every day?


And it really can be that simple.

Maybe not easy, because if you’ve been living under layers of fear – fear of judgement of others, fear of failure, even fear of succeeding (because what if we get what we want and then don’t know what to do with it?) it can seem like a rocky path ahead.  A mountain too steep to climb.


But it really is as simple as choosing. 

Choosing in the moment to take the path of love over the path of fear.  Choosing to keep focussed on the life that makes you light up from the inside because you know how good it feels and the more you choose to Feel Good, the more you want to keep choosing to Feel Good!


It’s addictive! 

It’s like having a slice of your favourite cake, whilst sitting outside a café in the sunshine looking out over the vast open sea in all its turquoise glory, with a big hug from the most cherished person in your life…all rolled into one!

Now, tell me again, why would you deny yourself this?

We have this one precious, physical life.  We didn’t come here to suffer and struggle all the way through it.  We didn’t come to live a life designed by others.  We all chose to come here to live our own lives, on purpose!  To live in a way that lights us up.  To experience all that this one physical life can offer.


Please don’t deny yourself of this for a moment longer.


Go out and grab life with both hands and live it to its fullest!

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