With the Rio Olympics in full swing, we’ve already seen several of our British athletes achieve medal wins.  That’s fantastic news – and I’ve really loved watching their steely determination as they’ve smashed the competition.  Go #TeamGB!

I’m sure their success is partly down to the sports performance coaching they would have received ahead of the games to help them stay focused and keep their eye on their goal.  As an intuitive success coach, I help clients in a similar way.  We look at what they want to achieve – whether that’s climbing the career ladder or starting their own business – and then I’ll support them to help them accomplish their ambition.

Like athletes, my clients can come up against all sorts of hurdles. They may be struggling to set up a new business while juggling a family. They may have experienced a set back and lost their confidence. They may be constantly worrying about failure, which stops them moving forward.  All these things can really affect how they feel and make them doubt their ability to succeed.

Well, I know they can succeed – which is why I’m there to help get them over the finishing line.  In the same way that a sports coach works to enhance an athlete’s or sports person’s performance, I work with clients to help them reach their full potential using a combination of coaching, CBT and neuroscience.


Positive mindset


A lot of the work I do is on positive mindset. It’s easy to allow negative thoughts to take over our minds and rule our lives but if we consciously create positive thoughts we can override self-sabotaging doubts and worries. I also help with resilience so that when things don’t go to plan – and they rarely do, I find! – then you’ll have techniques ready to help you bounce back.

I can’t promise you a gold medal, of course, but if you’ve got a goal in mind – or need help figuring out where you want to be – I’d love to be your career performance coach.

* You can get in touch with me  at katie@thecatalystforlife.com