You probably read my last post for planning your goals for the remainder of 2019?   If not, you can catch up here (but obviously, make sure you come back to this one afterwards!).  At this point, we’re halfway through 2019… perhaps you planned goals but haven’t made the desired progress to achieve them?  Or maybe you’re only just thinking about these goals now?  It happens to all of us; kids, family, work and other commitments take priority and we lose focus!  At this point, the worst thing to do is start beating yourself up about it!  You don’t want to start stirring up negative thoughts and emotions surrounding these goals.  Follow these tips to get yourself back on track for a great second half of 2019:


Tips To Getting Your Goals Back On Track


Stay Positive!  Just because it didn’t work out as you planned there’s no need to feel down about your goal.  If it’s still on your list, start to think positively about how you’ll achieve it and what you’ll feel like when you do!

Make A Start! The smallest start will make you feel better.  Even if it means making time to sit down and write a plan of action for each of your goals. The start is always the hardest bit, so taking just a small step towards helping you achieve your goals will get you on your way.

Review! Perhaps now is a good time to review your goals and analyse whether they were specific enough?  (If you want further information about SMART goals, see my post on those here)  Are they still relevant to your personal or business plans?  More often than not, we push back goals on our priority list because they are no longer applicable or not important enough.  If this is the case, adjust them accordingly or make them more specific to suit your lifestyle.

Get Time Serious! We all have a lot to do, we all have big to-do lists, but setting aside time will really help you get on top of your goals.  If it’s important to you to achieve something, give it the priority it deserves in your schedule!  Commit to blocking out time in your diary every week or month to make some progress.  Diarising your intentions makes it easier to stick to them and avoid replacing them with other distractions that may come your way.

Phone A Friend! Pick up the phone to a friend, talk with a coach or personal trainer regularly to keep you on track to achieve your goal.  Making ourselves accountable for our goals can really help in achieving them as we feel a responsibility to live up to the expectations we have set.  In the early stages of our coaching, clients will often say they’ve completed a task they set themselves out of fear for facing me in their next session!  I love the point at which this accountability turns around and they take responsibility for their own goals, because they want to succeed, not out of fear!

Stress management and relaxation

Don’t Stress It! Sometimes when we’re overworked, running around and have a huge to-do list we get tightly wound up and stressed out.  A big de-stress is sometimes all we need to find our focus and manage our time and energy a bit better.  I’ve written a self-study programme: 30 Days To De-Stress For Success.  Perhaps it’s all you need to help you find your way back, feel calm, confident and on top of that task list?  Here’s what 1 client said when she went through the programme:


“This is simple to follow and can easily slip into your daily routine…it’s just what I need in my life to help me regain control. I love the meditations!  I really recommend to anyone who’s feeling slightly bewildered by life’s chaotic routine.”
Zoe Betts


How have you been getting on with your goals?  Have you completed them already and are you setting new ones for yourself or business?  Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear!


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