Blue Monday?

Blue Monday?

Top tips for beating Blue Monday

Well, for the past week at least, we’ve been hearing about the approaching doom and gloom of Blue Monday. Everywhere you look, from newspapers to Twitter to TV, they’ve been warning us that Monday 19th January is The Day when the majority of people will have fallen off the wagon and given up on the resolutions they set at New Year.

So, have you fallen off and into this category already, or perhaps teetering on the brink?  Are those cravings for chocolate/cigarettes/alcohol that you resolved to give up getting too much to ignore?

If so and you need a little bit of help to stick with it, and not fall victim to the Blues, hopefully the following tips should help:


Ask yourself why you set this resolution in the first place.  By focusing on the end goal and reminding yourself of all the good reasons you decided to give up smoking/lose weight/get fit/go tee-total or whatever resolution you may have set, you’re far more likely to stick with it than if you allow yourself to wallow in how tough it’s feeling right now.


How do you keep motivated?  Stick up a picture or object that keeps your end goal in sight on a daily basis. This could be a picture of you looking fit and healthy, or an outfit you want to get back into, or maybe that car/holiday/piece of jewellery that you can afford to buy yourself once you’ve saved up the money you would otherwise have spent on cigarettes!  Stay positive; re-write the internal dialogue we all have in our heads to be constructive and positive to help you on your way.


When have you told yourself you will have achieved your goal?  This is just as important and needs to be something that is realistic and achievable.  There’s no point in saying you want to lost 4 stone for a big event in a month’s time as that’s highly unlikely without taking drastic, unsafe measures and will just put unnecessary pressure on yourself.  When the time comes and you haven’t achieved it, you lay yourself open to beating yourself up mentally or feelings of guilt.  Instead, set yourself a target that is ACHIEVABLE and also MEASURABLE.  How will you know when you’ve achieved it?  Research proves that if you can gauge your progress towards your goal and measure once you’ve achieved it, you’re far more likely to stick with the challenge.


Think of other things that enjoy and make you feel good and try to do these as often as possible.  Feelings of happiness and contentment enable us to stay focused and motivated generally and will help you to stay on track.  I have the ringtone on my phone as Happy by Pharrell Williams, because whenever I hear this it just makes me smile and want to dance!

Hopefully these top tips have given you some ideas to help you keep your resolve and stick with your goals this year but if you’re still struggling and finding that this and willpower alone just aren’t cutting in, feel free to get in touch and discuss how my Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Coaching service could be the extra cog in the wheel so that this year is your most successful yet!

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