The Catalyst For Life

The Catalyst for Life is the evolution of my coaching, hypnotherapy, networking and complementary therapy businesses which I’ve run since 2010 (not to mention the 20+ years in the corporate world and the NHS) and have now amalgamated into one truly holistic, Transformation Coaching Service.


My Mission is to help you:

Reconnect with your purpose & passion

Build a thriving business or career that supports a life you love

Love who you are & live life on your terms!


You don’t have to settle for how life is for you right now.  I can help free you from limiting beliefs and restricted expectations ….to create the freedom to live a life you love!


When you embrace your purpose and the things you love doing, there is no effort; you’re ‘in flow’, where things happen with ease and you find yourself manifesting even more of the stuff you love, whether that’s money, travel, freedom, your soul mate…whatever your heart desires.


As a conscientious, hard working person with high standards, I always strive to do well.  I put 100% into everything I do and whilst I didn’t necessarily want to change that, because those are some of the core values that helped me achieve so many amazing things in my life, I came to realise that there’s a HUGE difference between working hard until you’re burned out…and working effectively, so you still achieve what you desire but with less effort and, most importantly, more energy, fulfilment and freedom!


I’ve always been intrigued as to what makes people ‘tick’; why some people see the glass as half-full whilst others see it as half-empty; how we’re all fundamentally the same and yet sooo different!  I’m also very intuitive; I’m sensitive to energies in the environment and in the people around me.  When I work with clients, for instance, I’ll often ‘feel between the lines’ – being able to zone in on what I can sense is going on, before the client is aware of it themselves or able to express it.


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about Fun (yes, with a capital F!) I’m known for my witty sense of humour and quick thinking – both of which I use to greatest effect, to help you get from A to B with minimal obstacles or mistakes, but in the quickest, most effective way.


It’s not all been easy though…

I’ve been on a bit of a journey myself.  Whilst things were generally going great with my corporate career – I’d bought a house, travelled around the world and generally had a great time enjoying myself, I suffered some serious set-backs and challenges in my personal life.  Within the space of 4 years, I’d moved to the other side of the world…and back; a long- term relationship ended, leaving me a single mum to a 16-month-old boy; I suffered quite serious ill health and I lost 3 close family members.  Those tough times meant I had to do some serious self-healing. Thankfully, as a qualified Reiki Master and Reflexologist amongst other things, I already had many tools in my box to make a good start!


I promise it’s possible to find the strength and courage to create the life you want


I know it can feel scary and perhaps even lonely, however through my own experiences and personal development, I understand that it is possible to find the strength, courage, focus and determination to create the life you want.  Today I run a successful business that I’m passionate about, have an adorable son and wonderful friends and family.  I also have a tenacious determination to help women like you to get the life you deserve – whatever life throws at you. After all, as the popular quote says:


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,

it’s about learning to dance in the rain!”


All of this, together with my love of learning and self-development, led me to further study psychology, Reiki, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, coaching, mindfulness, Macrostructural Patterning, The Law of Attraction and neuroscience amongst other things…


…and from all this blossomed The Catalyst for Life!


And now I love sharing these tools and experiences to help others.  Seeing someone light up with the realisation that they really can be the person they’ve always wanted to be, or run the successful business they’d always dreamed of but didn’t quite know how to make happen…that’s priceless!


Can you afford not to embrace it?


Hopefully that’s given you a flavour of what to expect when working with me and so, if this creative, fun, action-packed and laser-focussed coaching that delivers REAL RESULTS makes you want to jump up and shout “Count me in!”, hit the ‘Let’s Chat’ button below for a FREE Clarity Call and let’s see how we can get you Living Life on Your Terms!