All About Katie

Hi, I’m Katie – Transformation Coach, Mindset Mentor

and Lover of Life, Fun & Freedom!

Freedom to travel…Freedom to immerse myself in new experiences…Freedom to continue learning and developing myself…and Freedom to work in a way that suits my lifestyle!


And I’m passionate about helping you to be the best that you can be!  I’ll help you create the business/career and lifestyle you truly desire and deserve so that you too can be free to live life on your own terms!


I’ll help you to understand and connect with who you truly are: your intrinsic beliefs and core values.  I’ll work with you to focus on what you want, and more importantly WHY you want it…then set to work on making it all happen!


And rather than me telling you what to do, or how to do it, I believe in guiding you to connect with what feels authentic and in alignment with your values.  Then through powerful tools, empower you to step into your own creative genius and transform your inner and outer worlds!


From as far back as I can remember, I’ve loved doing this.


At school, I was academically bright and also sociable.  I often finished my work early and loved helping classmates with theirs.  As with most natural talents, you don’t really think about it at the time, you just do it.  However, I came to recognise that I had the ability to see where people are struggling and to ‘translate’ that challenge into something they can fully understand.


This theme continued through much of my adult life and career, leading to senior roles in training, IT systems design and client management/business development, typically helping companies to operate systems and processes more efficiently and help people transition effectively through change.


It was when I was made redundant from the NHS that I decided to start my own business.  I’d been in Change Management on a multi-million pound national project for 6 years, during which time I’d taken a sabbatical to travel and work in New Zealand for nearly a year and had also become a new Mum.


My priorities had changed!


I was loving this new role and after working for nearly 20 years in ever-increasingly senior and demanding roles, decided I wanted to take my foot off the pedal a bit.  I wanted to dedicate more time to my son, whilst acknowledging that I still needed to keep my brain active and retain my ‘identity’ as Katie!


I was already studying for my Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy diploma (after my experience through labour with no medication made me realise just how powerful the brain is, that’s another story!), so fast-tracked this to qualify and within 6 weeks was up and running with clients.  Many of these were referrals from case studies I’d worked with whilst training, who were so thrilled at the transformations they’d achieved that they were readily recommending me to their friends, relatives and colleagues!


However, it wasn’t long before I realised that the best part of working with my clients for me was once I’d helped them overcome an obstacle, such as fear or a lack of self-esteem.  Seeing that glimmer of hope and excitement in their eyes and helping them to explore how they could use their newfound confidence and beliefs to achieve something they’d dreamed of, was priceless!


And so the next chapter of my business evolved


I furthered my studies in Coaching, mindset, neuroscience and performance management, and combined all of these skills and experience, including Reiki, Mindfulness and natural intuitive abilities, to build a unique and truly holistic coaching practice…The Catalyst for Life.


I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and am truly excited about what this next chapter of adventures has in store for me…and I’d love for you to be a part of that!  If any of this has resonated with you, perhaps you’re currently somewhere similar to where I’ve been, facing the same kinds of challenges, or your inner voice/gut is calling for you to do something different before it gets too late, get in touch as I’m always happy to chat over a virtual coffee to see whether we’d be a great match to make amazing transformations together for you!


Distance is no barrier as I work with clients around the world via Skype or similar methods.

Some Fun Facts About Me…

The Heart behind The Catalyst for Life

My hair grows like I sleep in manure! Blame it on the Irish blood (that’s certainly where I get my curls) but I also love that it means I can have it short and dark one minute and shoulder length blonde curls the next!

Palm Beach

I love the sun – whether it’s +30 or -10; if the sun’s out, I’m happy!  Just feeling its warmth on my skin puts an instant smile on my face and I love seeing that chain reaction with people, where 1 smile is caught and passed on to the next person & the next & the next….happy days all round!


I love the sea – swimming in it, kayaking on it or simply sitting beside it, just hearing the ocean makes everything feel right!


I love to travel – I’m a UK-born, optimistic, fun-loving adventure-seeker, with travelling blood in my veins! From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by other countries, cultures and languages. I’ve visited many parts of the world, from the Med, Europe & Scandinavia to the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Middle East & Malaysia, plus I lived in New Zealand for almost a year, but it is Australia that captured my heart when I first landed there in 2000..and like a magnet it’s drawn me back many times since!


I’m a bit of a Nomad; in the words of the great Paul Young (80’s hit singer, from the same home town as me) – “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home…” When you’re happy in your skin and love life and all the opportunities it provides you with, you can feel at home anywhere.

Me & Son

I’m Mum to a fantastic son, who fills me with such love, pride and joy every single day.  He makes me laugh until my belly aches…and his hugs are the best!


I can still do the splits!


I love singing, humming, whistling, basically anything musical and you’ll find me doing it anywhere.


I love learning: languages, dances, self-development books to soaking up more about this wonderful Universe we inhabit and its infinite possibilities.  Did I mention I’m a huge fan and advocate of The Law of Attraction?!

What my customers say…