Empowering you to create change from the inside out:


• Reconnect to your truth, authentically and in alignment with your strengths and core values


• Master your mindset and energy to overcome sabotaging limitations currently holding you back


• Implement the changes through practical exercises, tools and techniques, to achieve the success you deserve

Create it. Live it. Love it.


There are many types of change that someone can experience in their life, from small day to day changes such as food choices or starting a new hobby, to larger changes such as a change of career, moving home, starting/ending relationships. However, not all change leads to transformation.


Transformation is change that happens at a deep, fundamental level. In a person, that includes your sense of identity, your values and belief systems, the framework of principles you operate by; how you perceive others and the world around you and how you see your place within it.


When transformation occurs, your sense of identity expands; your perspective on life takes on a whole new level of meaning and the potential you see for yourself becomes limitless.


As a Transformation Coach (which incorporates being a life coach, business coach, mentor and wellbeing trainer), this is what I love helping others to achieve! That deep appreciation of who you are, what makes you tick and all your strengths, values and qualities that make you uniquely you. When you can fully understand all these elements and apply them to all the important aspects of your life, that’s when true transformation takes place and you start to believe in the infinite possibilities that lie ahead for you…and the fun really begins with creating the opportunities for you to grab with both hands!


And the same applies for your business, career or team performance.



‘Cat-a-lyst’ – a chemical reaction, something or someone that causes a great change, quickly, without being consumed in the process.


As soon as I hit upon this as the name for my business, I knew it was The One! As a Coach, I help people go through the process of change, of the transformation that is required to achieve the goals they have dreamed about, that perhaps they’ve attempted themselves before but for any number of reasons haven’t quite succeeded. Or that they’ve been too afraid to try, to take that leap of faith into something new and unknown. Through a special, focused way of knowing the right questions to ask at the right time in the right way, a Coach will be able to elicit the information from their client that enables them to gain clarity about what they truly want, to understand why they want it and then to put in place the action steps to achieve that…in the most effective and efficient way possible – just like a Catalyst!


Putting you at the heart of our work together

And even though the success of my clients is also my success, because I’m not emotionally involved in that change, I make no judgements about your goals, I have no hidden agendas that could otherwise create obstacles to that journey. As great as it is to talk and share ideas with loved ones, friends or parents, whether intentional or completely unconsciously, they will generally have a vested interest in your decisions and so cannot be completely objective in a way that a Coach can. I will only ever have the best outcome for you at the heart of our work together.


I’ve spent the last few years creating a unique and truly holistic coaching practice. Building on my 20-year background in HR, IT and change management in the private sector and the NHS, I’m now a qualified cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and coach, having specialised in areas such as confidence coaching, performance improvement and wellbeing. These, combined with my skills and experience in energy management, mindfulness and my natural intuitive abilities, means that if you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business, I’m ready to help!

…For Life…


This represents not just the great life that you get to create for yourself through our work together, but also that the transformations you make can be for life.


I’m sure we’ve all been on training or taken on something new that’s been great in the moment, perhaps it’s even lasted for a week or two afterwards?  But all too often, things gradually slip back into the old ways and we’re back to where we were before!

Not so with Transformational Coaching!

Because we tackle the ‘deep stuff’, the things that really matter to you.  Your core values, your beliefs and the habits that lurk deep in your subconscious, which have likely been driving all the decisions you’ve made (or not made!) in your life without you realising it.  We unpick all of these to lay the foundations for a strong future, providing you with the confidence in your own abilities and sense of direction to make the right decisions going forward.


The changes you create here are made to last.  And should you find yourself facing challenges again in the future, you’ll be armed and ready with a set of tools and techniques I’ll have shared with you to tackle them head-on, rather than let them derail you from your goals any more.


You may be a creative entrepreneur, a company director, on a career-break or a ‘nine-to-fiver’. It doesn’t matter who or what you believe you are now, it only matters that you feel you have something amazing to offer the world, that you want to make a change, to improve things and are ready to take action!


The problem is perhaps you can’t quite see what that looks like yet, or you can but don’t know how to make it happen. You just know deep down that you want something else for yourself/your business/your family and want to do it authentically, in a way that feels right to you and that supports the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.


You’re probably already pretty successful at what you do and are likely a ‘hard worker’ – does ‘perfectionist’ spring to mind?  But perhaps you feel like you’re heading down a track that no longer feels right to you, that leaves you unfulfilled at the end of each day?  Maybe you’re running out of steam and questioning how much longer you can go on like this, putting in so much effort for what in return? Do you find yourself asking “Is this all there is?!”?


Many women who come to me are feeling overwhelmed by all the plates they’re spinning – from work to family life, kids and ageing parents to care for – they have dreams and yet are struggling to find a way to achieve them without everything crashing down around them.


That can be a scary and daunting feeling; I know because I’ve been there myself and I’ve helped hundreds of people face and overcome their own fears. My own life story has encompassed a whole host of experiences and challenges, from moving to a different country, being made redundant and taking the leap of faith into the world of self-employment. So whatever issues or pain you’re facing right now, I can empathise and identify with them.  I know I can make a positive difference to your life – transforming your outlook and helping you create the freedom to get what you want.

The question is: Are you ready to grab it with both hands?

Work With Me

I’ve coached people from all walks of life with a variety of goals.  I’m proud of what my clients have achieved, from competing in triathlons, to creating high performing teams, to falling back in love with their businesses and taking them to a whole new level that surpasses even their own aspirations!  Delivery can be in person, on-site or at an agreed venue (typically throughout Herts, Beds, Bucks and London, other locations subject to agreement) or online globally – Zoom is a firm favourite!

For Personal/Professional Development, Business Owners/Entrepreneurs, Executive and Team Performance.

Woman recording her goals and successes

Bespoke workshops/training in areas such as Mental Health Awareness for Managers, Wellbeing (stress management, mindfulness, energy management), Team Performance and Compatibility.

Coaching & training courses to help you make changes, in the comfort of your home and in your own time.

Are you ready to take back control of your life, increase your confidence and get crystal clear on your goals?


Book your initial call with me and we’ll explore where you believe you’re stuck and how we could work together to get you to where you’d love to be. I’m super confident that, together, we’ll find the answers you’re looking for.


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