Confidence. Clarity. Freedom.

Imagine you had all these in your life:

Confidence to create a life you truly love and live on your own terms

Clarity to understand what you really want and how to get it

Freedom from fears & limiting beliefs, to be and do what you choose

What would that look like?  How would that feel, knowing that you’d created it all for yourself?


The reality is, sometimes you might need a helping hand.  Maybe you have lots of ideas for a business but lack the confidence or belief to take that leap into the unknown?  Perhaps you’re worried about how you’ll juggle a career and family?  Or could it be that a fear of failure – or success – is holding you back?  I hear you, because I’ve been there, but I also know it absolutely is possible and I’d love to help you find out how!

The Catalyst For Life – Who I am and how I work

Hi!  I’m Katie Farrell, founder of The Catalyst for Life.

I’m a Transformation Coach and Life Architect with a passion for helping people live to their fullest potential!

I work with heart-centred, professional women, whether they’re creatives, company directors or 9 to 5’ers, who know they have something amazing to offer to the world.  They may not be sure yet what that is, they just know deep down that they want something else for themselves and want to do it authentically, in a way that says:

“This is who I am, this is what I do and I want you to enjoy and benefit from all that too!” whilst earning an income that provides the lifestyle they desire.

I’d love to help you free yourself from old restricting beliefs, overcome any fears that until now have been holding you back or sabotaging your efforts to change and to harness the creative power of your subconscious mind to realise your potential to be the best version of you!

I’ll help you AWAKEN to the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead and DISCOVER your own freedom, passion and power, to create your ideal lifestyle and live life on your terms.  With my unique approach, I help you look at all the important aspects of your life/career/business to fully understand what brings you true joy, what makes you ‘tick’ and fills you with energy, so that rather than working to pay your bills, you design a career or business that you can enjoy every moment and that provides you with the lifestyle you crave.

The services I provide are truly holistic, both in approach and results.

My skills are in combining an understanding of how the mind, body and spirit work optimally, together with a practical application that uses this knowledge powerfully to help you achieve true success – whatever success means to you.

If you’re ready to quit a life of mediocrity and instead step into your power to design a life you love and a career or business that thrives, not just survives, join me now!

Create it.  Live it.  Love it.


Blog Musings

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Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

Do any of these feel familiar:

  • Time is passing you by but you’ve still not found your groove?
  • You feel undervalued and unfulfilled in your job; you have so much more to give and just need to find the right outlet?
  • You run your own business and whilst you love it, things just aren’t happening as quickly or effectively as you’d anticipated – it’s quite lonely at times too?
  • You feel overwhelmed by the conflicting demands on your time and energy?

Would you like a Coach who:

  • Understands the ‘perfectionist, success-driven’ you, as well as the ‘fun-loving, freedom-craving, heartcentred’ you
  • Makes you feel part of a winning team
  • Is as committed to your success as you are, will support you 100% and understands the challenges you face on a day to day basis
  • Will motivate and challenge you to be your best, driving you forwards to achieve, and even surpass, your goals and desires?

With Thanks